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    The Gentlest Ascent Dynamics

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    Dynamical systems that describe the escape from the basins of attraction of stable invariant sets are presented and analyzed. It is shown that the stable fixed points of such dynamical systems are the index-1 saddle points. Generalizations to high index saddle points are discussed. Both gradient and non-gradient systems are considered. Preliminary results on the nature of the dynamical behavior are presented

    Macroscopical Entangled Coherent State Generator in V configuration atom system

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    In this paper, we propose a scheme to produce pure and macroscopical entangled coherent state. When a three-level ''V'' configuration atom interacts with a doubly reasonant cavity, under the strong classical driven condition, entangled coherent state can be generated from vacuum fields. An analytical solution for this system under the presence of cavity losses is also given

    Light-weight wood-magnesium oxychloride cement composite building products made by extrusion

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    This is the post-print version of the final paper published in Construction and Building Materials. The published article is available from the link below. Changes resulting from the publishing process, such as peer review, editing, corrections, structural formatting, and other quality control mechanisms may not be reflected in this document. Changes may have been made to this work since it was submitted for publication. Copyright @ 2011 Elsevier B.V.Magnesium oxychloride (MOC) cement is a type of non-hydraulic cement with yellowish color in nature and low alkalinity exhibiting many other properties superior to Portland Cement (PC). In this study, light-weight wood–MOC cement composite building products, with sawdust and/or perlite as aggregate, were made through extrusion. Physical, nailing and mechanical properties of these composites were investigated. It was found that the specific dry densities of the wood–MOC cement composites were close to 1.0 and they were nailable like hard natural wood. Their flexural strength decreased as temperature increased. By replacing 50% sawdust in weight by perlite, the composite exhibited less die swell and better performance in resisting high temperature.China Ministry of Science & Technology and the European Commission
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