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    CP Violation in D0āˆ’D0ā€¾D^0-\overline{D^0}Mixing

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    The existence of D0āˆ’D0ā€¾D^0-\overline{D^0} mixing at a detectable level requires new physics, which effectively yields a Ī”c=2\Delta c = 2 superweak interaction. In general this interaction may involve significant CP violation. For small values of the mixing it may be much easier to detect the CP-violating part of the mixing than the CP-conserving part.Comment: 3 pages, latex, no figure

    Indirect Violation of CP, T and CPT in the Bd-system

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    The problem of indirect violation of discrete symmeties CP, T and CPT in a neutral meson system can be described using two complex parameters epsilon and delta, which are invariant under rephasing of meson and quark fields. For the Bd system, where the width difference between the physical states is negligible, only Re(delta) and Im(epsilon) survive. As a consequence, the traditional observables constructed for kaons, which are based on flavour tag, are not useful for the analogous study in this system. We describe how using a CP tag and studying CP-to-flavour transitions of the B mesons, we may build asymmetries, alternative to those used for the kaon, which enable us to test T and CPT invariances of the effective hamiltonian for the Bd system.Comment: 5 pages, talk given at 4th International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons, Valencia, Spain, 27-30 Jun 200

    The neutrino ground state in a neutron star

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    We address a recent claim that the stability of neutron stars implies a lower bound on the mass of the neutrino. We argue that the result obtained by some previous authors is due to an improper summation of an infrared-sensitive series and that a non-perturbative "resummation" of the series yields a finite and well-behaved result. The stability of neutron stars thus gives no lower bound on the mass of the neutrino.Comment: 5 pages, 3 figures, Latex (uses espcrc2.sty); contribution to the proceedings of Neutrino 98, Takayama, Japan, 4-9 June, 199
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