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    Sampling sites and their descriptions.

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    a<p>Mean values of depth, temperature (T) and pH were measured from bottom seawater at sampling sites located in the archipelago area in the northern Baltic Sea.</p

    Correlation analysis.

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    <p>Linear regression model with log-transformed variables between the <i>intI1</i> and <i>sul1</i> gene copy numbers in the sediments below the northern Baltic Sea farms (<i>F<sub>1,22</sub></i> = 19.39; <i>P</i> = 0.000225; <i>R<sup>2</sup></i> = 0.47). Each point represents the average ratio of a gene copy number normalized to the 16S rRNA gene copy number in every sediment sample. The blue line indicates the regression model and the grey area the 95% confidence intervals.</p