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    Liquid-cooled liner for helmets

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    Liner acts as coolant tubing, manifold, and supporting structures. Fabric of waffle-design is made of several integrated channels (or capillaries) through which coolant liquid can flow. Thin and light-weight liner can be incorporated into any type of helmet or head gear

    Thermistor holder for skin-temperature measurements

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    Sensing head of thermistor probe is supported in center area of plastic ring which has tabs so that it can be anchored in place by rubber bands or adhesive tapes. Device attaches probes to human subjects practically, reliably, and without affecting characteristics of skin segment being measured

    Cooling system for removing metabolic heat from an hermetically sealed spacesuit

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    An improved cooling and ventilating system is described for removing metabolic heat, waste gases and water vapor generated by a wearer of an hermetically sealed spacesuit. The cooling system was characterized by a body suit, having a first circuit for simultaneously establishing a cooling flow of water through the thorax and head sections of the body suit. Circulation patches were included mounted in the thorax section and head section of the body suit. A second circuit for discharing a flow of gas throughout the spacesuit and a disconnect unit for coupling the circuits with a life support system externally related to the spacesuit were provided

    Quick-change absorption column

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    Column has end caps held in place by springs; prefilled packs of absorbent can be exchanged quickly. Both ends of metal or plastic body tube of size which can hold adequate amount of absorbent are machined to provide seat for perforated plate and groove for its spring retainer ring

    FLIC Overlap Fermions

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    The action of the overlap-Dirac operator on a vector is typically implemented indirectly through a multi-shift conjugate gradient solver. The compute-time required depends upon the condition number, κ\kappa, of the matrix that is used as the overlap kernel. While the Wilson action is typically used as the overlap kernel, the FLIC (Fat Link Irrelevant Clover) action has an improved condition number and provides up to a factor of two speedup in evaluating the overlap action. We summarize recent progress on the use of FLIC overlap fermions.Comment: Lattice2002(chiral

    Liquid cooled brassiere and method of diagnosing malignant tumors therewith

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    A device for enhancing the detection of malignant tissue in the breasts of a woman was described. A brassiere-like garment which is fitted with a pair of liquid-perfused cooling panels which completely and compliantly cover the breasts and upper torso was studied. The garment is connected by plastic tubing to a liquid cooling system comprising a fluid pump, a solenoid control valve for controlling the flow of fluid to either the cooling unit or the heating unit, a fluid reservoir, a temperature sensor in the reservoir, and a restrictor valve to control the pressure in the garment inlet cooling line
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