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    Community Health Champions in Lincolnshire Review and Scoping Exercise Report

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    The Lincolnshire 2012 Joint Health and Well-being Strategy identified the need to ‘develop a Community Health Champion programme for Lincolnshire building on current good practice that will enable people to volunteer to offer help and support to other members of their community in leading healthier lives’. This was intended to be one of two interlinked schemes, designed to achieve the key outcome of supporting people to lead healthier lives

    The Moral Dilemma of the Catholic Neurosurgeon

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    The S&L Debacle

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    This speech was given by Professor White as part of the annual Financial Institutions and Regulation Symposium at the Fordham University School of La

    Intermittent Presumptive Treatment for Malaria

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    A better understanding of the pharmacodynamics of intermittent presumptive treatment, says White, will guide more rational policymakin

    Magnetically centered liquid column float Patent

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    Magnetically centered liquid column floa

    Judging Judges: Securing Judicial Independence by Use of Judicial Performance Evaluations

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    This Article discusses judicial performance evaluations as a check on judicial independence. It covers numerous performance evaluation options for measuring accountability, such as bar and media polls, state judicial evaluation programs, and the ABA Guidelines for judicial performance. It discusses the pros and cons of these options. It concludes that the information provided by state judicial performance evaluations offers valuable insight into judicial criticisms and can give voters appropriate criteria to consider in judicial elections

    Stability of metal-rich very massive stars

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    We revisit the stability of very massive nonrotating main-sequence stars at solar metallicity, with the goal of understanding whether radial pulsations set a physical upper limit to stellar mass. Models of up to 938 solar masses are constructed with the Mesa code, and their linear stability in the fundamental mode, assumed to be the most dangerous, is analysed with a fully nonadiabatic method. Models above 100 MSun have extended tenuous atmospheres ("shelves") that affect the stability of the fundamental. Even when positive, this growth rate is small, in agreement with previous results. We argue that small growth rates lead to saturation at small amplitudes that are not dangerous to the star. A mechanism for saturation is demonstrated involving nonlinear parametric coupling to short-wavelength g modes and the damping of the latter by radiative diffusion. The shelves are subject to much more rapidly growing strange modes. This also agrees with previous results but is extended here to higher masses. The strange modes probably saturate via shocks rather than mode coupling but have very small amplitudes in the core, where almost all of the stellar mass resides. Although our stellar models are hydrostatic, the structure of their outer parts suggests that optically thick winds, driven by some combination of radiation pressure, transsonic convection, and strange modes, are more likely than pulsation in the fundamental mode to limit the main-sequence lifetime.Comment: 14 pages, 8 figures, 1 appendix; this version to be published in MNRA

    The Community Reinvestment Act: Good Intentions Headed in the Wrong Direction

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    The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (“CRA” or “the Act”) places an obligation on commercial banks and savings and loan associations (“S&Ls”) and savings banks (together with S&Ls, frequently described as “thrifts”) to meet the credit needs of the local communities in which they are chartered consistent with the safe and sound operation of such institutions. The Act offers no greater precision for these phrases, and the task of fleshing them out and enforcing them has been left to the bank and thrift regulatory agencies. This article argues that the CRA approach is fundamentally flawed. It is either redundant (because serving the local community is profitable anyway) or require cross-subsidization from other services with above-normal profits