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    Higgs bundles and local systems on Riemann surfaces

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    Lecture notes from the Third International School on Geometry and Physics at the Centre de Recerca Matematica in Barcelona, March 26--30, 2012.Comment: Final version. To appear in the collection CRM Advanced Courses in Mathematic

    Cohomology of U(2,1) representation varieties of surface groups

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    In this paper we use the Morse theory of the Yang-Mills-Higgs functional on the singular space of Higgs bundles on Riemann surfaces to compute the equivariant cohomology of the space of semistable U(2,1) and SU(2,1) Higgs bundles with fixed Toledo invariant. In the non-coprime case this gives new results about the topology of the U(2,1) and SU(2,1) character varieties of surface groups. The main results are a calculation of the equivariant Poincare polynomials, a Kirwan surjectivity theorem in the non-fixed determinant case, and a description of the action of the Torelli group on the equivariant cohomology of the character variety. This builds on earlier work for stable pairs and rank 2 Higgs bundles.Comment: 34 page

    Eigenvalues of Products of Unitary Matrices and Lagrangian Involutions

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    This paper introduces a submanifold of the moduli space of unitary representations of the fundamental group of a punctured sphere with fixed local monodromy. The submanifold is defined via products of involutions through Lagrangian subspaces. We show that the moduli space of Lagrangian representations is a Lagrangian submanifold of the moduli of unitary representations.Comment: 35 pages, 2 figures, to appear in Topolog

    Deligne pairings and families of rank one local systems on algebraic curves

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    For smooth families of projective algebraic curves, we extend the notion of intersection pairing of metrized line bundles to a pairing on line bundles with flat relative connections. In this setting, we prove the existence of a canonical and functorial "intersection" connection on the Deligne pairing. A relationship is found with the holomorphic extension of analytic torsion, and in the case of trivial fibrations we show that the Deligne isomorphism is flat with respect to the connections we construct. Finally, we give an application to the construction of a meromorphic connection on the hyperholomorphic line bundle over the twistor space of rank one flat connections on a Riemann surface.Comment: 48 pp. 1 figur

    Existence of Good Sweepouts on Closed Manifolds

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    In this note we establish estimates for the harmonic map heat flow from S1S^1 into a closed manifold, and use it to construct sweepouts with the following good property: each curve in the tightened sweepout, whose energy is close to the maximal energy of curves in the sweepout, is itself close to a closed geodesic.Comment: 7 pages; added reference; corrected typo
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