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    Thermalized Displaced Squeezed Thermal States

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    In the coordinate representation of thermofield dynamics, we investigate the thermalized displaced squeezed thermal state which involves two temperatures successively. We give the wavefunction and the matrix element of the density operator at any time, and accordingly calculate some quantities related to the position, momentum and particle number operator, special cases of which are consistent with the results in the literature. The two temperatures have diffenent correlations with the squeeze and coherence components. Moreover, different from the properties of the position and momentum, the average value and variance of the particle number operator as well as the second-order correlation function are time-independent.Comment: 7 pages, no figures, Revtex fil

    Sine-Gordon Expectation Values of Exponential Fields With Variational Perturbation Theory

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    In this paper, expectation values of exponential fields in the 2-dimensional Euclidean sine-Gordon field theory are calculated with variational perturbation approach up to the second order. Our numerical analysis indicates that for not large values of the exponential-field parameter aa, our results agree very well with the exact formula conjectured by Lukyanov and Zamolodchikov in Nucl. Phys. B 493, 571 (1997).Comment: only abbreviated the original, 12 pages, 2 EPS figures, to be published in Phys. Lett.

    Gaussian Effective Potential and the Coleman's normal-ordering Prescription : the Functional Integral Formalism

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    For a class of system, the potential of whose Bosonic Hamiltonian has a Fourier representation in the sense of tempered distributions, we calculate the Gaussian effective potential within the framework of functional integral formalism. We show that the Coleman's normal-ordering prescription can be formally generalized to the functional integral formalism.Comment: 6 pages, revtex; With derivation details and an example added. To appear in J. Phys.
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