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    Supersonic boundary-layer flow turbulence modeling

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    Baldwin-Lomax and kappa-epsilon turbulence models were modified for use in Navier-Stokes numerical computations of Mach 2.9 supersonic turbulent boundary layer flows along compression ramps. The computational results of Reynolds shear stress profiles were compared with experimental data. The Baldwin-Lomax model was modified to account for the Reynolds shear stress amplification within the flow field. A hybrid kappa-epsilon model with viscous sublayer turbulence treatment was constructed to predict the Reynolds shear stress profiles within the entire flow field. These modified turbulence models were effective for the computations of the surface pressure and the skin friction factor variations along an 8 deg ramp surface. The hybrid kappa-epsilon model could improve the predictions of the Reynolds shear stress profile and the skin friction factor near the corner of a 16 deg ramp

    Non-asymptotically AdS/dS Solutions and Their Higher Dimensional Origins

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    We look for and analyze in some details some exact solutions of Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity with one or two Liouville-type dilaton potential(s) in an arbitrary dimension. Such a theory could be obtained by dimensionally reducing Einstein-Maxwell theory with a cosmological constant to a lower dimension. These (neutral/magnetic/electric charged) solutions can have a (two) black hole horizon(s), cosmological horizon, or a naked singularity. Black hole horizon or cosmological horizon of these solutions can be a hypersurface of positive, zero or negative constant curvature. These exact solutions are neither asymptotically flat, nor asymptotically AdS/dS. But some of them can be uplifted to a higher dimension, and those higher dimensional solutions are either asymptotically flat, or asymptotically AdS/dS with/without a compact constant curvature space. This observation is useful to better understand holographic properties of these non-asymptotically AdS/dS solutions.Comment: Revtex4, v2: 17 pages, typos corrected, minor changes and references adde
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