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    τ\tau-tilting finiteness of two-point algebras I

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    In this paper, we give criteria on τ\tau-tilting finiteness for two kinds of two-point algebras. Moreover, we show the τ\tau-tilting finiteness of some algebras, such as the (infinite-)tame block algebras of Hecke algebras of classical type over an algebraically closed field of characteristic not equal to 2, and the algebras from Table T and Table W introduced by Han [19].Comment: 25 page

    3DScape: three dimensional visualization plug-in for Cytoscape

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    3DScape is the first plug-in which enables three-
dimensional network visualization in Cytoscape. The extra dimension is useful in accommodating, visualizing, and distinguishing larger networks with multiple crossing connections.
Special features in 3DScape include 3D layout algorithms, mapping onto 3D models and animation effects on a series of expression data. 3DScape is available at http://www.rendware.co

    On τ\tau-tilting finite simply connected algebras

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    We show that τ\tau-tilting finite simply connected algebras are representation-finite. Then, some related algebras are considered, including iterated tilted algebras, tubular algebras and so on. We also prove that the τ\tau-tilting finiteness of non-sincere algebras can be reduced to that of sincere algebras. This motivates us to give a complete list of τ\tau-tilting finite sincere simply connected algebras.Comment: 31 page