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    An Empirical Study of Service Innovation’s Effect on Customers’ Re-purchase Intention in Telecommunication Industry

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    Based on the review of the relevant researches in the field of repurchase intention as well as the field of service innovation, this research analyzed the Service Innovation’s Effect on Customers’ Re-purchase Intention in Telecommunication Industry, and developed the Theoretical model. And 198 users of mobile telecommunication were chosen for our investigation. The result shows that service innovation made by the operators in telecommunication industry has important effect to users’ intention when they are in need to repurchase the mobile telecommunication. Key words: service innovation; repurchase intention; telecommunication industryRésumé: Sur la base des études appropriées dans le domaine de l'intention de rachat, et dans le domaine de l'innovation des services, cette recherche a analysé l'effet de l'innovation des services sur l'intention de rachat des consommateurs dans l'industrie de télécommunication, et a développé un modèle théorique. 198 utilisateurs de télécommunication mobile ont été choisis pour notre enquête. Le résultat montre que l'innovation des services effectuées par les opérateurs dans l'industrie de télécommunication a un effet important sur l'intention des consommateurs quand ils sont dans le besoin de racheter la télécommunication mobile.Mots-clés: innovation des services, intention de rachat; industrie de télécommunicatio

    Quantum Phase Transition in the Sub-Ohmic Spin-Boson Model: Extended Coherent-state Approach

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    We propose a general extended coherent state approach to the qubit (or fermion) and multi-mode boson coupling systems. The application to the spin-boson model with the discretization of a bosonic bath with arbitrary continuous spectral density is described in detail, and very accurate solutions can be obtained. The quantum phase transition in the nontrivial sub-Ohmic case can be located by the fidelity and the order-parameter critical exponents for the bath exponents s<1/2s<1/2 can be correctly given by the fidelity susceptibility, demonstrating the strength of the approach.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure
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