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    Photovoltaic conversion of laser power to electrical power

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    Photovoltaic laser to electric converters are attractive for use with a space-based laser power station. This paper presents the results of modeling studies for a silicon vertical junction converter used with a Nd laser. A computer code was developed for the model and this code was used to conduct a parametric study for a Si vertical junction converter consisting of one p-n junction irradiated with a Nd laser. These calculations predict an efficiency over 50 percent for an optimized converter

    Space environmental work simulator Patent

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    Space environmental work simulator with portions of space suit mounted to vacuum chamber wal

    Cork-resin ablative insulation for complex surfaces and method for applying the same

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    A method of applying cork-resin ablative insulation material to complex curved surfaces is disclosed. The material is prepared by mixing finely divided cork with a B-stage curable thermosetting resin, forming the resulting mixture into a block, B-stage curing the resin-containing block, and slicing the block into sheets. The B-stage cured sheet is shaped to conform to the surface being insulated, and further curing is then performed. Curing of the resins only to B-stage before shaping enables application of sheet material to complex curved surfaces and avoids limitations and disadvantages presented in handling of fully cured sheet material

    Global Continua of Positive Equilibria for some Quasilinear Parabolic Equation with a Nonlocal Initial Condition

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    This paper is concerned with a quaslinear parabolic equation including a nonlinear nonlocal initial condition. The problem arises as equilibrium equation in population dynamics with nonlinear diffusion. We make use of global bifurcation theory to prove existence of an unbounded continuum of positive solutions

    Radiation damage in GaAs solar cells

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    Recent results of electron and proton irradiation and annealing of GaAs solar cells are presented along with some implications of these results. A comparison between the energy-levels produced by protons and by electrons which are not stopped in the material indicate that the damage produced by protons and electrons may be qualitatively different. Thus, annealing of proton damage may be very different from the annealing of electron damage

    On a Construction of Markov Models in Continuous Time

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    This paper studies a novel idea for constructing continuous-time stationary Markov models. The approach undertaken is based on a latent representation of the corresponding transition probabilities that conveys to appealing ways to study and simulate the dynamics of the constructed processes. Some well-known models are shown to fall within this construction shedding some light on both theoretical and applied properties. As an illustration of the capabilities of our proposal a simple estimation problem is posed.Gibbs sampler; Markov process; Stationary process

    Unusual relative strengths of the diffuse interstellar bands in some interstellar dust clouds

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    Some of the diffuse interstellar features (DIBs) in the spectra of certain stars at high galactic latitudes (1 is greater than 15 degrees) are unusually weak or absent while others have the strength expected for their color excess. In some cases the stars are probably reddened by single interstellar clouds. There appear to be three families of DIBs. The effects of these families are examined. The existance of the three families implies that at least three agents cause the DIBs and that the proportions of the agents or the physical conditions giving rise to the DIBs can vary from cloud to cloud

    Geometric Stick-Breaking Processes for Continuous-Time Nonparametric Modeling

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    This paper is concerned with the construction of a continuous parameter sequence of random probability measures and its application for modeling random phenomena evolving in continuous time. At each time point we have a random probability measure which is generated by a Bayesian nonparametric hierarchical model, and the dependence structure is induced through a Wright-Fisher diffusion with mutation. The sequence is shown to be a stationary and reversible diffusion taking values on the space of probability measures. A simple estimation procedure for discretely observed data is presented and illustrated with simulated and real data sets.Bayesian non-parametric inference, continuous time dependent random measure, Markov process, measure-valued process, stationary process, stick-breaking process
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