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    Electronic ripple indicator

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    Electronic circuit for monitoring excessive ripple voltage on dc power lines senses voltage variations from few millivolts to maximum of 10 volts rms. Instrument is used wherever power supply fluctuations might endanger system operations or damage equipment. Device is inexpensive and easily packaged in small chassis

    Analysis of the Low-Energy Theorem for \gamma p \to p \pi^0

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    The derivation of the `classical' low-energy theorem (LET) for \gamma p \rightarrow p\pi^0 is re-examined and compared to chiral perturbation theory. Both results are correct and are not contradictory; they differ because different expansions of the same quantity are involved. Possible modifications of the extended partially conserved axial-vector current relation, one of the starting points in the derivation of the LET, are discussed. An alternate, more transparent form of the LET is presented.Comment: 5 pages, Revtex, no figures, no table

    Centrifuge mounted motion simulator Patent

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    Centrifuge mounted motion simulator with elevator mechanis

    The selection, appraisal and retention of digital scientific data: dighlights of an ERPANET/CODATA workshop

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    CODATA and ERPANET collaborated to convene an international archiving workshop on the selection, appraisal, and retention of digital scientific data, which was held on 15-17 December 2003 at the Biblioteca Nacional in Lisbon, Portugal. The workshop brought together more than 65 researchers, data and information managers, archivists, and librarians from 13 countries to discuss the issues involved in making critical decisions regarding the long-term preservation of the scientific record. One of the major aims for this workshop was to provide an international forum to exchange information about data archiving policies and practices across different scientific, institutional, and national contexts. Highlights from the workshop discussions are presented

    Thermal resistance measurement techniques study program Final report

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    Thermal resistance measurement technique development for transistor

    The Determination of the Effective Resistance of a Spindle Supporting a Model Airfoil

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    An attempt was made to determine the effect of spindle interference on the lift of the airfoil by measuring moments about the axis parallel to the direction of air flow. The values obtained are of the same degree as the experimental error, and for the present this effect will be neglected. The results obtained using a U.S.A. 15 wing (plotted here) show that the correction is nearly constant from 0 degrees to 10 degrees incidence and that at greater angles its value becomes erratic. At such angles, however, the wing drag is so high that the spindle correction and its attendant errors become relatively small and unimportant

    Effect of cryogenic irradiation on NERVA structural alloys

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    Several alloys (Hastelloy X, AISI 347, A-286 bolts, Inconel 718, Al 7039-T63 and Ti-5Al-2.5Sn ELI) were irradiated in liquid nitrogen (140 R) to neutron fluences between 10 to the 17th power and 10 to the 19th power nvt (E greater than 1.0 Mev). After irradiation, tensile properties were obtained in liquid nitrogen without permitting any warmup except for some specimens which were annealed at 540 R. The usual trend of radiation damage typical for materials irradiated at and above room temperature was observed, such as an increase in strength and decrease in ductility. However, the damage at 140 R was greater because this temperature prevented the annealing of radiation-induced defects which occurs above 140 R
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