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    Elaborazione di un sistema di supporto alle decisioni (dss) nell’individuazione di aree idonee alla realizzazione di grandi impianti fotovoltaici Comune di Reggello (FI)

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    The increase of large photovoltaic systems installations and the consequent excessive loss of soil has necessitated to search for monitoring systems. The town of Regello anticipating the regional legislation has established a informatic system able to identify the best location

    Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Bis(2-phenylpyridine-C,N')-bis(acetonitrile)iridium(III)hexafluorophosphate Showing Three Anion/Cation Couples in the Asymmetric Unit

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    The title compound bis(2-phenylpyridine-C,N')-bis(acetonitrile)iridium(III)hexafluorophosphate, a six-coordinate iridium(III) complex, crystallizes in the P-1 space group. Iridium is in a distorted octahedral (n = 6) coordination with the N,C' atoms of two phenylpyridine and the N atoms of two acetonitrile ligands. The peculiarity of this structure is that three independent moieties of the title compound and three PF6− anions, to counterbalance the charge, are observed in the asymmetric unit and this is a rather uncommon fact among the Cambridge Crystallographic Database (CSD) entries. The three couples are almost identical conformers with very similar torsional angles. The packing, symmetry, and space group were accurately analyzed and described also by means of Hirshfeld surface analysis, which is able to underline subtle differences among the three anion/cation couples in the asymmetric unit. The driving force of the packing is the clustering of the aromatic rings and the maximization of acetonitrile:PF6− interactions. The asymmetry of the cluster is the cause of the unusual number of moieties in the asymmetric unit
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