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    POSTER: Privacy-preserving Indoor Localization

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    Upcoming WiFi-based localization systems for indoor environments face a conflict of privacy interests: Server-side localization violates location privacy of the users, while localization on the user's device forces the localization provider to disclose the details of the system, e.g., sophisticated classification models. We show how Secure Two-Party Computation can be used to reconcile privacy interests in a state-of-the-art localization system. Our approach provides strong privacy guarantees for all involved parties, while achieving room-level localization accuracy at reasonable overheads.Comment: Poster Session of the 7th ACM Conference on Security & Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec'14

    ELS capacity control system for axial-piston pumps

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    SimBetAge: Utilizing Temporal Changes in Social Networks for Delay/Disconnection Tolerant Networking

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    In this paper, we present SimBetAge, an extension to Sim-Bet taking into account the gradual aging of connections in social networks which thereby increases the performance by an order of magnitude, especially in evolving network structures. For this purpose, we redefine similarity and betweenness to make use of weighted social network graphs

    WiSec 2011 demo

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    Collaborative Municipal Wi-Fi Networks - Challenges and Opportunities

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