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    A Generalized Construction for Lumps and Non-Abelian Vortices

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    We construct the general vortex solution in a fully-Higgsed, color-flavor locked vacuum of a non-Abelian gauge theory, where the gauge group is taken to be the product of an arbitrary simple group and U(1), with a Fayet-Iliopoulos term. The strict correspondence between vortices and lumps in the associated Non-Linear Sigma-Model which arise in the limit of strong coupling is pointed out. The construction of the vortex moduli space is derived here as a consequence of this correspondence.Comment: 12 pages, no figures, Contribution to "Continuous Advances in QCD 2008", Minneapolis, May 200

    Large-N Solution of the Heterotic Weighted Non-Linear Sigma-Model

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    We study a heterotic two-dimensional N=(0,2) gauged non-linear sigma-model whose target space is a weighted complex projective space. We consider the case with N positively and N^~=N_F - N negatively charged fields. This model is believed to give a description of the low-energy physics of a non-Abelian semi-local vortex in a four-dimensional N=2 supersymmetric U(N) gauge theory with N_F > N matter hypermultiplets. The supersymmetry in the latter theory is broken down to N=1 by a mass term for the adjoint fields. We solve the model in the large-N approximation and explore a two-dimensional subset of the mass parameter space for which a discrete Z_{N-N^~} symmetry is preserved. Supersymmetry is generically broken, but it is preserved for special values of the masses where a new branch opens up and the model becomes super-conformal.Comment: 34 pages, 10 figures, references adde

    Spontaneous Magnetization through Non-Abelian Vortex Formation in Rotating Dense Quark Matter

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    When a color superconductor of high density QCD is rotating, superfluid vortices are inevitably created along the rotation axis. In the color-flavor locked phase realized at the asymptotically large chemical potential, there appear non-Abelian vortices carrying both circulations of superfluid and color magnetic fluxes. A family of solutions has a degeneracy characterized by the Nambu-Goldtone modes CP2, associated with the color-flavor locked symmetry spontaneously broken in the vicinity of the vortex. In this paper, we study electromagnetic coupling of the non-Abelian vortices and find that the degeneracy is removed with the induced effective potential. We obtain one stable vortex solution and a family of metastable vortex solutions, both of which carry ordinary magnetic fluxes in addition to color magnetic fluxes. We discuss quantum mechanical decay of the metastable vortices by quantum tunneling, and compare the effective potential with the other known potentials, the quantum mechanically induced potential and the potential induced by the strange quark mass.Comment: 24 pages, 4 figures; v2 revised published versio