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    Der Brief des Kaisers Alexios I Komnenos an den Grafen Robert I von Flandern.

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    A Novel Technique For Truthful Detection Of Packet Dropping Attack In Wireless Adhoc Networks

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    While watching an arrangement of packet losses in the system, we are occupied with figuring out if the losses are brought on by link errors just, or by the joined impact of connection mistakes and pernicious drop. We are particularly inspired by the insider-attack case, whereby malevolent nodes that are a piece of the course misuse their insight into the correspondence setting to specifically drop a little measure of bundles basic to the system execution. Since the parcel dropping rate for this situation is practically identical to the channel mistake rate, customary algorithms that depend on distinguishing the packet loss rate can't accomplish attractive discovery precision. To enhance the location exactness, we propose to misuse the connections between lost packets. Moreover, to guarantee honest count of these relationships, we build up a homomorphic straight authenticator (HLA) based open examining design that permits the identifier to check the honesty of the parcel misfortune data reported by nodes. This development is security saving, arrangement evidence, and causes low correspondence and capacity overheads. To diminish the calculation overhead of the pattern conspire, a packet-block based instrument is likewise proposed, which permits one to exchange discovery precision for lower calculation multifaceted nature

    Herkules – Held zwischen Tugend und Hybris. Ein europäischer Erinnerungsort der Frühen Neuzeit?

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    This essay traces some of the contexts and media in which "Heracles-Hercules" - as a hero between virtue and hubris - was visible in European societies from the end of the middle ages onwards. It discusses whether this example of the reception, appropriation and transformation of classical myths in the early modern period can be understood as a European "lieu de mémoire", and to what extent the concept of "lieux de mémoire" (or sites of memory) can foster our understanding of a particular object of study (here the Heracles/Hercules myth). Against this backdrop, we conclude with some general questions about the more ambitious project* of a comprehensive register of European "lieux de mémoire". * * Published as: Boer, Pim den / Duchhardt, Heinz / Kreis, Georg / Schmale, Wolfgang (eds.): Europäische Erinnerungsorte, 3 vols., Munich 2011–201
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