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    Tunable 4-channel ultra-dense WDM demultiplexer with III-V photodiodes integrated in silicon-on-insulator

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    A tunable 4-channel ultra-dense WDM demultiplexer with 0.25nm channel spacing is demonstrated with III-V photodiodes integrated on Silicon-on-Insulator using rib waveguides. A possible application is an in-band label extractor for all-optical packet switching

    Microwave index engineering for slow-wave coplanar waveguides

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    Abstract Microwave index engineering has been investigated in order to properly design slow-wave coplanar waveguides suitable for a wide range of applications in microwave, photonics, plasmonics and metamaterials. The introduction and optimization of novel capacitive and inductive elements is proposed as a design approach to increase the microwave index while keeping the impedance close to 50 ő© to ensure the compatibility with external electronic devices. The contribution of inductive and capacitive elements and their influence on the performance of the slow-wave coplanar waveguide has been systematically analyzed. As a result, a microwave index as high as 11.6 has been experimentally demonstrated in a frequency range up to 40‚ÄČGHz which is, to the best of our knowledge, the largest microwave index obtained so far in coplanar waveguides
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