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    SU(2) Poisson-Lie T duality

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    Poisson-Lie target space duality is a framework where duality transformations are properly defined. In this letter we investigate the pair of sigma models defined by the double SO(3,1) in the Iwasawa decomposition.Comment: 12 pages, 1 figur

    Modern Macroeconomics in Practice: How Theory is Shaping Policy

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    Theoretical advances in macroeconomics made in the last three decades have had a major influence on macroeconomic policy analysis. Moreover, over the last several decades, the United States and other countries have undertaken a variety of policy changes that are precisely what macroeconomic theory of the last 30 years suggests. The three key developments that have shaped macroeconomic policy analysis are the Lucas critique of policy evaluation due to Robert Lucas, the time inconsistency critique of discre-tionary policy due to Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott, and the development of quantitative dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models following Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott.

    Highest weight Harish-Chandra supermodules and their geometric realizations

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    In this paper we discuss the highest weight kr\frak k_r-finite representations of the pair (gr,kr)(\frak g_r,\frak k_r) consisting of gr\frak g_r, a real form of a complex basic Lie superalgebra of classical type g\frak g (gA(n,n){\frak g}\neq A(n,n)), and the maximal compact subalgebra kr\frak k_r of gr,0\frak g_{r,0}, together with their geometric global realizations. These representations occur, as in the ordinary setting, in the superspaces of sections of holomorphic super vector bundles on the associated Hermitian superspaces Gr/KrG_r/K_r.Comment: This article contains of part of the material originally posted as arXiv:1503.03828 and arXiv:1511.01420. The rest of the material was posted as arXiv:1801.07181 and will also appear in an enlarged version as subsequent postin