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    Numerical investigation of a 2D-grating for light extraction of a bottom emitting OLED

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    An important limiting factor for efficient white light emitting organic LEDs is the total internal reflection occurring at each interface. In a bottom emitting OLED light is trapped by reflection at the interface between the organic layers and glass substrate and at the interface between the glass substrate and air. We investigate the use of a grating at the glass substrate-air interface. In this paper we will discuss the developed 3D-simulation method and several important simulation results. Our simulation method shows that the grating extracts approximately 50 % more power in comparison with a planar device. These results are comparable with the us

    Extensions of the complex Jacobi iteration to simulate photonic wavelength scale components (abstract)

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    We have extended the complex Jacobi iteration to simulate nonlinear optical components. The size of these components is comparable to the used wavelength (¬Ķm). In this paper we will give an overview of the technique and several simulation results. The algorithm uses a central difference analogue of the Helmholtz equation. The used nonlinearity is the third order Kerr effect, which is modelled as an instantaneous intensity-dependent refractive index

    Efficient nonadiabatic planar waveguide tapers

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