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    Dynamic Generation of Interpretable Inference Rules in a Neuro-Symbolic Expert System

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    We present an approach for systematic reasoning that produces human interpretable proof trees grounded in a factbase. Our solution resembles the style of a classic Prolog-based inference engine, where we replace handcrafted rules through a combination of neural language modeling, guided generation, and semiparametric dense retrieval. This novel reasoning engine, NELLIE, dynamically instantiates interpretable inference rules that capture and score entailment (de)compositions over natural language statements. NELLIE provides competitive performance on scientific QA datasets requiring structured explanations over multiple facts

    On the Evaluation of Semantic Phenomena in Neural Machine Translation Using Natural Language Inference

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    We propose a process for investigating the extent to which sentence representations arising from neural machine translation (NMT) systems encode distinct semantic phenomena. We use these representations as features to train a natural language inference (NLI) classifier based on datasets recast from existing semantic annotations. In applying this process to a representative NMT system, we find its encoder appears most suited to supporting inferences at the syntax-semantics interface, as compared to anaphora resolution requiring world-knowledge. We conclude with a discussion on the merits and potential deficiencies of the existing process, and how it may be improved and extended as a broader framework for evaluating semantic coverage.Comment: To be presented at NAACL 2018 - 11 page