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    In these lectures we first concentrate on the cosmological problems which, hopefully, have to do with the new physics to be probed at the LHC: the nature and origin of dark matter and generation of matter-antimatter asymmetry. We give several examples showing the LHC cosmological potential. These are WIMPs as cold dark matter, gravitinos as warm dark matter, and electroweak baryogenesis as a mechanism for generating matter-antimatter asymmetry. In the remaining part of the lectures we discuss the cosmological perturbations as a tool for studying the epoch preceeding the conventional hot stage of the cosmological evolution.Comment: 47 pages, set of lectures given at the 2011 European School of High-Energy Physics, Cheile Gradistei, Romania, 7-20 Sep 2011, edited by C. Grojean, M. Mulder

    Large and infinite extra dimensions

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    The emphasis in the developmet of theories with more than three spatial dimensions has recently shifted towards ``brane world'' picture, which assumes that ordinary matter (with possible exceptions of gravitons and other, hypothetic, particles which interact very weakly with matter) is trapped to a three-dimensional submanifold --- brane --- embedded in fundamental multi-dimensional space. In the brane world scenario, extra dimensions may be large, and even infinite; they may have effects, directly observable in current or fothcoming experiments. On the basis of simple field-theoretic models, various ideas in this direction are exposed at a non-expert level.Comment: 55 pages, 10 figures Several references and figures added. Journal version, to appear in Uspekhi Fiz. Nau
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