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    The microscopic model for the magnetic subsystem in HoNi2B2C

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    We demonstrate that the system of localized magnetic moments in HoNi2_2B2_2C can be described by the 4-positional clock model. This model, at a proper choice of the coupling constants, yields several metamagnetic phases in magnetic field at zero temperature in full agreement with the experimental phase diagram. The model incorporates couplings between not nearest neighbors in the direction perpendicular to the ferromagnetic planes. The same model leads to a c-modulated magnetic phase near the Curie temperature. The theoretical value of the modulation wave-vector agrees surprisingly well with that observed by the neutron diffraction experiment without new adjustable parameters.Comment: 4 pages, 3 Postscript figures, RevTeX, uses EPSF.st

    Correlations in noisy Landau-Zener transitions

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    We analyze the influence of classical Gaussian noise on Landau-Zener transitions during a two-level crossing in a time-dependent regular external field. Transition probabilities and coherence factors become random due to the noise. We calculate their two-time correlation functions, which describe the response of this two-level system to a weak external pulse signal. The spectrum and intensity of the magnetic response are derived. Although fluctuations are of the same order of magnitude as averages, the results is obtained in an analytic form.Comment: 12 pages LaTex with 6 EPS figure

    Thermal melting of density waves on the square lattice

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    We present the theory of the effect of thermal fluctuations on commensurate "p x p" density wave ordering on the square lattice (p >= 3, integer). For the case in which this order is lost by a second order transition, we argue that the adjacent state is generically an incommensurate striped state, with commensurate p-periodic long range order along one direction, and incommensurate quasi-long-range order along the orthogonal direction. We also present the routes by which the fully disordered high temperature state can be reached. For p=4, and at special commensurate densities, the "4 x 4" commensurate state can melt directly into the disordered state via a self-dual critical point with non-universal exponents.Comment: 12 pages, 5 figure

    Phase diagram of the antiferromagnetic XY model in two dimensions in a magnetic field

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    The phase diagram of the quasi-two-dimensional easy-plane antiferromagnetic model, with a magnetic field applied in the easy plane, is studied using the self-consistent harmonic approximation. We found a linear dependence of the transition temperature as a function of the field for large values of the field. Our results are in agreement with experimental data for the spin-1 honeycomb compound BaNi_2V_2O_3Comment: 3 page