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    Gauge-Invariant Differential Renormalization: Abelian Case

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    A new version of differential renormalization is presented. It is based on pulling out certain differential operators and introducing a logarithmic dependence into diagrams. It can be defined either in coordinate or momentum space, the latter being more flexible for treating tadpoles and diagrams where insertion of counterterms generates tadpoles. Within this version, gauge invariance is automatically preserved to all orders in Abelian case. Since differential renormalization is a strictly four-dimensional renormalization scheme it looks preferable for application in each situation when dimensional renormalization meets difficulties, especially, in theories with chiral and super symmetries. The calculation of the ABJ triangle anomaly is given as an example to demonstrate simplicity of calculations within the presented version of differential renormalization.Comment: 15 pages, late

    Stasheff structures and differentials of the Adams spectral sequence

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    The Adams spectral sequence was invented by J.F.Adams almost fifty years ago for calculations of stable homotopy groups of topological spaces and in particular of spheres. The calculation of differentials of this spectral sequence is one of the most difficult problem of Algebraic Topology. Here we consider an approach to solve this problem in the case of Z/2 coefficients and find inductive formulas for the differentials. It is based on the Stasheff algebra structures, operad methods and functional homology operations.Comment: 31 page
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