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    Multi-jet production in lepton-proton scattering at next-to-leading order accuracy

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    I summarize the theoretical and experimental status of multijet production in DIS. I present the state of the art theoretical predictions and compare those to the corresponding experimental results obtained by analysing the data collected by the H1 and ZEUS collaborations at HERA. I also show new predictions for three-jet event-shape distributions at the NLO accuracy.Comment: 11 pages, 8 figures. To appear in the proceedings of the Ringberg Workshop on "New Trends in HERA Physics 2005", Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany, 2-7 October 200

    Separation of soft and collinear infrared limits of QCD squared matrix elements

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    We present a simple way of separating the overlap between the soft and collinear factorization formulae of QCD squared matrix elements. We check its validity explicitly for single and double unresolved emissions of tree-level processes. The new method makes possible the definition of helicity-dependent subtraction terms for regularizing the real contributions in computing radiative corrections to QCD jet cross sections. This implies application of Monte Carlo helicity summation in computing higher order corrections.Comment: 14 pages, 1 figure, references adde

    Hadroproduction of W+WbbˉW^+ W^- b \bar{b} at NLO accuracy matched with shower Monte Carlo programs

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    We present the computation of the differential cross section for the process pp(pˉ)(W+Wbbˉ)  e+νeμνˉμbbˉ+Xpp(\bar{p}) \to (W^+\,W^-\,b\,\bar{b} \to)\;e^+\,\nu_e\,\mu^-\,\bar{\nu}_\mu\,b\, \bar{b}+X at NLO QCD accuracy matched to Shower Monte Carlo (SMC) simulations using PowHel, on the basis of the interface between HELAC-NLO and POWHEG-BOX. We include all resonant and non-resonant contributions. This is achieved by fully taking into account the effect of off-shell t-quarks and off-shell W-bosons in the complex mass scheme. We also present a program called DECAYER that can be used to let the t-quarks present in the event files for pp(pˉ)ttˉXpp(\bar{p}) \to {t\,\bar{t}\,X} processes decay including both the finite width of the t-quarks and spin correlations. We present predictions for both the Tevatron and the LHC, with emphasis on differences emerging from three different W+WbbˉW^+\,W^-\,b\,\bar{b} hadroproduction computations: (i) full implementation of the pp(pˉ)W+Wbbˉp\,p(\bar{p}) \to W^+\,W^-\,b\,\bar{b} process, (ii) generating on-shell t-quarks pushed off-shell with a Breit-Wigner finite width and decayed by DECAYER, and (iii) on-shell t-quark production followed by decay in the narrow width approximation, as described by the SMC.Comment: 40 pages, 26 figures; slightly expanded version matching the one published in JHE

    Integration of collinear-type doubly unresolved counterterms in NNLO jet cross sections

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    In the context of a subtraction method for jet cross sections at NNLO accuracy in the strong coupling, we perform the integration over the two-particle factorised phase space of the collinear-type contributions to the doubly unresolved counterterms. We present the final result as a convolution in colour space of the Born cross section and of an insertion operator, which is written in terms of master integrals that we expand in the dimensional regularisation parameter.Comment: 47 page