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    Development Of Lecturers At Universities Of Technology Education Belonging To The Ministry Of Labour, War Invalids, And Social Affairs

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    The trend of socio-economic development, the industrialization and modernization of the country, and the industrial revolution 4.0 have led to many changes today. Breakthroughs align with the above context in the fields, especially education and training. In particular, the lecturers are one of the decisive factors for the success of education and training. In addition, science and technology have made great strides, placing strict requirements on high-quality technology and human resources. Therefore, the lecturers in general and at technologyand pedagogical universities must be developed according to the competency approach. Thus, meeting the training process's requirements creates high-quality technologyhuman resources. In recent years, the development of lecturers has been paid special attention by the technologyand pedagogical universities of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs and achieved specific results. However, there are still many things that could be improved. Limitations: The specific competency framework of the lecturers has not been developed, the faculty capacity development has not been focused, the recruitment and use of lecturers are still ineffective, the appointment of lecturers going to study to improve qualifications still has many shortcomings, there are no appropriate sanctions to manage lecturers, especially highly qualified lecturers; The examination and evaluation of lecturers are not focused, the pressure on lecturers to train themselves is not high, the screening of cadres lacks a basis. Based on the current situation of developing lecturers at the technologyand pedagogical universities of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs, the article proposes some solutions to improve the effectiveness of this work

    AUDIT JUDGMENT: AUDITOR EXPERTISE, COMPLIANCE PRESSURE, AND TASK COMPLEXITY (Empirical Study of Auditors Working in Public Accounting Firms in the City of South Jakarta)

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    This study aims to analyze and obtain empirical evidence about the effect of auditor expertise, compliance pressure, and task complexity on audit assessments. This type of research is quantitative descriptive.The study population was auditors who worked at the Public Accountant Firm in the City of South Jakarta as many as 42 respondents. The sampling technique uses convenience sampling technique. Testing the hypothesis used is multiple linear regression which is processed using the IBM SPSS version 25 software.Based on the results of partial hypothesis testing shows that auditor expertise has an influence on audit assessment, but compliance pressure and task complexity do not have an influence on audit assessment. Based on the results of simultaneous hypothesis testing of auditor expertise, compliance pressure and task complexity have an influence on audit judgment. Keywords: Auditor Expertise, Compliance Pressure, Task Complexity, Audit Judgmen

    Arsenate reductase gene from Pityrogramma calomelanos L. enhances tolerance to arsenic in tobacco

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    Arsenic (As) contamination in soil, water and air is an alarming issue worldwide and has serious effects on human health and environment. Arsenic is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, soil, and water, and exposure to high levels of arsenic can lead to a range of health problems. The effects of arsenic contamination can also be felt in the environment, as it can harm plants and animals and disrupt ecological systems. The major purpose of this study was to produce transgenic plants with improved tolerance to and accumulation of arsenic via transformation of arsenate reductase gene (ArsC) into tobacco genome. Transgenic plants were screen by PCR and southern blot. Further, their tolerance and accumulation to arsenic were evaluated. In the result, we have cloned, characterized, and transformed the ArsC gene from Pityrogramma calomelanos L. (PcArsC). Its phylogenetic analysis revealed 99% homology to ArsC gene in GenBank (accession number X80057.1). Moreover, Southern blot analysis showed that ArsC gene was integrated into the tobacco genome as a single-copy. These single-copy transgenic lines showed much higher tolerance to and accumulation of As than wild type, with no other phenotypes observed. These results demonstrated that Pityrogramma calomelanos ArsC gene can improve arsenic tolerance and accumulation in transgenic tobacco lines. Thus, using Pityrogramma calomelanos L. ArsC gene for genetic engineering has potential implications in the decontamination of arsenic-containing soil


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    The Arbuscular Mycorrhiza fungi have a mutualistic relationship with 80% of terrestrial plants. Arbuscular Mycorrhiza fungi are considered as a biofertilizer source because of their positive effects on plant growth and productivity They can help to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers by up to 50% due to their ability in enhancing crops to uptake mineral nutrients efficently such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc. . . thereby increasing crop yield. Moreover, this endosymbiotic fungus also shows its potential as a biopesticide due to its ability to biologically antagonize a wide range of fungi, viruses, and nematodes, which cause diseases on plants. Besides, Arbuscular Mycorrhiza fungi also help plants to resist to abiotic streeses such as drought, salinity, and toxicity of heavy metals. The glomalin compound secreted by mycorrhizal fungi has the ability to bind tiny soil particles together to form a stable soil structure and aggregates, helping to improve soil qualitỵ Thus, Arbuscular Mycorrhiza fungi have a high use potential in sustainable agricultural development under the context of climate change such as drought, salinity intrusion

    Digital Marketing in Banking Activities – Suggestions for Vietnam Banks from International Experiences

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    Based on the innovation of science and technology in a fierce competitive environment, digital marketing has emerged as an inevitable trend for businesses with no exception from banking areas. With the target of reaching out and providing services to progressively demanding customers, current marketing tools need to be further improved to create the best interaction. Hence, the authors aim at clarifying the concept of digital marketing, which is a new trend in banking development globally, followed by experiences as well as proposing suggestions for banks in transitional countries such as Vietnam

    Academic Anxiety of Vietnamese Secondary School Students as a Reason for Applying Online Learning

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    Academic anxiety is one of the major problems in student psychology across the world. It applies equally to students of all ages, from elementary school to college and university students. Research shows that learning online is an effective way to defuse feelings of academic anxiety. Elimination of anxiety is clearly visible regardless of age, gender, or prior online learning experience. The study aims to identify academic anxiety as one of the most important reasons for moving to online learning or blended learning in secondary school. The study investigated academic anxiety among secondary school students in Vietnam. After surveying 677 students in classroom learning, the results showed that 13.7% of secondary students suffered from frequent anxiety, and 3.0% of them suffered from very frequent anxiety. Lower anxiety was observed among students actively participated in-class activities, and students with excellent academic performance. These factors can be optimally enhanced through blended and online learning. There were no differences in academic anxiety among male and female students, urban and rural students. There was a moderate correlation between a student's anxiety level and pressure of the school, parental expectations, students' motivation for high performance, and especially, among students who have the melancholic temperament. And the influence of these negative factors can also be optimally reduced with the help of online learning. Regression model could provide useful suggestions for parents, teachers and students in reducing academic anxiety for students, including the use of full or blended online learning


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    Joint Research on Environmental Science and Technology for the Eart

    Simple thermal-electrical model of photovoltaic panels with cooler-integrated sun tracker

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    This paper presents a simple thermal-electrical model of a photovoltaic panel with a cooler-integrated sun tracker. Based on the model and obtained weather data, we analyzed the improved overall efficiency in a year as well as the performance in each typical weather case for photovoltaic panels with fixed-tilt systems with a tilt angle equal to latitude, fixed-tilt systems with cooler, a single-axis sun tracker, and a cooler-integrated single-axis sun tracker. The results show that on a sunny summer day with few clouds, the performance of the photovoltaic panels with the proposed system improved and reached 32.76% compared with the fixed-tilt systems. On a sunny day with clouds in the wet, rainy season, because of the low air temperature and the high wind speed, the photovoltaic panel temperature was lower than the cooler’s initial set temperature; the performance of the photovoltaic panel with the proposed system improved by 12.55% compared with the fixed-tilt system. Simulation results show that, over one year, the overall efficiency of the proposed system markedly improved by 16.35, 13.03, and 3.68% compared with the photovoltaic panel with the fixed-tilt system, the cooler, and the single-axis sun tracker, respectively. The simulation results can serve as a premise for future experimental models

    Effect of the Cultivation Technology on the Yield of Paddy Straw Mushroom (Volvariella volvacea)

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    The edible paddy straw mushroom Volvariella volvacea (Bull. ex F.) Singer has high nutritional and medicinal values. They are grown on a wide variety of agricultural byproducts using different several methods. The result of this present study showed that type of bed and cultivation condition (outdoor/indoor) had effects on the yield of paddy straw mushrooms grown on the spent oyster mushroom sawdust. The treatment of circular compact bed under indoor cultivation condition (CYIC) had the best yield and biological efficiency (B.E.) with 2,119.2 g/bed and 14.5%, respectively, followed by the treatment of conventional bed under outdoor cultivation condition (COOC) with the yield and B.E. of 1,935.5 g/bed and 13.2%, respectively, but the lowest yield and B.E. were observed in the treatment of conventional bed under indoor cultivation condition (COIC) with 1,226.1 g/bed and 8.4%, respectively. Paddy straw mushrooms cultivated on spent oyster mushroom sawdust should be proper in both outdoor and indoor conditions by conventional and circular compact methods as well. However, in indoor conditions, paddy straw mushrooms should be grown in a circular compact bed to ensure the temperature of the bed is suitable for the mushroom growth