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    Keeping the dream alive: Managing the Space Station Program, 1982 to 1986

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    The management is described and analyzed of the formative years of the NASA Space Station Program (1982 to 1986), beginning with the successful initiative for program approval by Administrator James M. Beggs through to the decision to bring program management to Reston, Virginia. Emphasis is on internal management issues related to the implementation of the various phases of the program. Themes examined are the problem of bringing programmatic and institutional interests together and focusing them to forward the program; centralized versus decentralized control of the program; how the history of NASA and of the individual installations affected the decisions made; and the pressure from those outside NASA. The four sections are: (1) the decision to build the space station, (2) the design of the management experiment, (3) the experiment comes to life, and (4) the decision reversal

    Convergence and divergence dynamics in British and French business schools: how will the pressure for accreditation influence these dynamics?

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    This paper focuses on convergence and divergence dynamics among leading British and French business schools and explores how the pressure for accreditation influences these dynamics. We illustrate that despite historical differences in approaches to management education in Britain and France, these approaches have converged partly based on the influence of the American model of management education but more recently through the pursuit of accreditation, in particular AASCB and EQUIS. We explore these dynamics through the application of the resource-based view of the firm and institutional theory and suggest that whilst achieving accreditation is a necessary precursor for international competition, it is no longer a form of competitive advantage. The pursuit of accreditation has fostered a form of competitive mimicry reducing national distinctiveness. The resource-based view of the firm suggests that the top schools need a more heterogeneous approach that is not easily replicable if they are to outperform the competitors. Consequently, the convergence of management education in Britain and France will become a new impetus for divergence. We assert that future growth and competitive advantage might be better achieved through the reassertion of national, regional and local cultural characteristics

    The Flash Crash: An Examination of Shareholder Wealth and Market Quality

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    We investigate stock returns, market quality, and options market activity around the flash crash of May 6, 2010. Abnormal returns are negative on the day of and the day after the flash crash for stocks that had trades that executed during the crash subsequently cancelled by either Nasdaq or NYSE Arca. Consistent with studies that suggest that other sources of liquidity withdrew from the markets during the flash crash, we find that the fraction of trades executed by the NYSE increases during this volatile period. Market quality deteriorates following the flash crash as bid-ask spreads increase and quote depths decrease. Evidence from the options markets indicates that investor uncertainty increased around the time of the crash and remained elevated for several days

    Large Scale Anisotropy of Cosmic Rays and Directional Neutrino Signals from Galactic Sources

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    We investigate the neutrino - cosmic ray connection for sources in the Galaxy in terms of two observables: the shape of the energy spectrum and the distribution of arrival directions. We also study the associated gamma ray emission from these sources.Comment: Proceedings of the 2nd Cosmic Ray Anisotropy Workshop, 26-28 September 2013, Madison, Wisconsin. To appear in IOP Conference Serie

    Tracking quintessence and k-essence in a general cosmological background

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    We derive conditions for stable tracker solutions for both quintessence and k-essence in a general cosmological background, H^2 \propto f(\rho). We find that tracker solutions are possible only when \eta = d ln f /d ln \rho is constant, aside from a few special cases, which are enumerated. Expressions for the quintessence or k-essence equation of state are derived as a function of \eta and the equation of state of the dominant background component.Comment: 6 pages, no figure

    Coupled thermomechanical dynamics of phase transitions in shape memory alloys and related hysteresis phenomena

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    In this paper the nonlinear dynamics of shape memory alloy phase transformations is studied with thermomechanical models based on coupled systems of partial differential equations by using computer algebra tools. The reduction procedures of the original model to a system of differential-algebraic equations and its solution are based on the general methodology developed by the authors for the analysis of phase transformations in shape memory materials with low dimensional approximations derived from center manifold theory. Results of computational experiments revealing the martensitic-austenitic phase transition mechanism in a shape-memory-alloy rod are presented. Several groups of computational experiments are reported. They include results on stress- and temperature-induced phase transformations as well as the analysis of the hysteresis phenomenon. All computational experiments are presented for Cu-based structures