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    A survey of awareness of Pap smear and cervical cancer vaccine among women at tertiary care centre in Eastern Uttar Pradesh India

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    Background: Cervical cancer is very common in developing countries. In Uttar Pradesh the literacy rate of women is low as compared to other states of India. Poverty is very high. Most women report with advance stage of cervical cancer. It can be prevented by early screening with Pap smear. Aim of our study is to know about the awareness of Pap smear and cervical cancer vaccine among women attending a tertiary hospital in Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh India.Methods: A questionnaire based study is done on 1500 patients attending the OPD and admitted in ward over a period of one year.Results: To our surprise only 12.06% women were aware of Pap screening test. Only 6.13% women were aware of cervical cancer vaccine. The awareness about both Pap test and cervical cancer vaccine was present in only 5.2% only. The education of the women and socioeconomic status also play an important role. The awareness among rural women was significantly less as compared to urban women.Conclusions: The awareness about Pap test and cervical cancer vaccine was very low specially in women staying in rural area. So if we really wanted to reduce cervical cancer then we have to increase the awareness among women by media, camps etc

    Expectant management of severe preeclampsia in mid-trimester: a hospital based study

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    Background: Objective of current study was to determine the maternal and perinatal outcome of the expectant management of severe preeclampsia between 24 weeks and 34 weeks of gestation.Methods: Data was collected from the 50 case notes of the mothers who had expectant management of severe preeclampsia. The study period was April 2011-March 2013. Total of 27 women in the year 2011-2012 (April-March) and 23 women in the year 2012-2013 (April-March) were included. Maternal condition was carefully monitored with the help of non-invasive monitors. Fetal condition was monitored by ultrasound and colour Doppler. Number of days as pregnancy prolongation and maternal and perinatal morbidities were calculated and analysed.Results: The number of days prolonged has been maximum in gestational age of 28-30 weeks, median being 23.5. There is association between higher maternal DBP and appearance of maternal complications (as DBP increases mother is more at risk).Conclusions: Pregnancies complicated by severe preeclampsia can be managed expectantly in a tertiary care centre of India (low resource country) provided mother and fetus are monitored for their wellbeing

    A decisive lifesaving tool in submassive pulmonary embolism: Bedside echocardiography

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    Key Clinical Message Immediate thrombolysis in submassive pulmonary embolism on the basis of bedside echocardiography can be a lifesaving decision in areas where computed tomography (CT) pulmonary angiogram is not readily available. Abstract Bedside echocardiography can be a rapid diagnostic and decision‐making tool for immediate thrombolysis in submassive pulmonary embolism with evidence of progressively failing ventricles. We report a case of submassive pulmonary embolism in a 26‐year‐old male under testosterone replacement therapy, who was successfully thrombolyzed based on bedside echocardiography findings

    Stress-Induced Electronic Structure Modulation of Manganese-Incorporated Ni2PNi_{2}P Leading to Enhanced Activity for Water Splitting

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    The cornerstone of the emerging hydrogen economy is hydrogen production by water electrolysis with concomitant oxygen generation. Incorporating a third element in metal phosphides can tune the crystalline and electronic structure, hence improving the electrocatalytic properties. In this work, Mn-doped Ni2_2P with varying ratios of Mn and Ni has been explored as excellent catalysts for water splitting. A complete cell made of the best catalyst Ni1.5_{1.5}Mn0.5_{0.5}P electrodes showed low voltage of 1.75 V at a current density of 10 mA cm2^{–2} due to enhanced electrical conductivity, induction of tensile stress, enhanced electrochemical surface area, and increased electric dipole upon Mn incorporation