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    Microflow photochemistry: UVC-induced [2 + 2]-photoadditions to furanone in a microcapillary reactor

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    [2 + 2]-Cycloadditions of cyclopentene and 2,3-dimethylbut-2-ene to furanone were investigated under continuous-flow conditions. Irradiations were conducted in a FEP-microcapillary module which was placed in a Rayonet chamber photoreactor equipped with low wattage UVC-lamps. Conversion rates and isolated yields were compared to analogue batch reactions in a quartz test tube. In all cases examined, the microcapillary reactor furnished faster conversions and improved product qualities

    Multiple Alkylation of Thiophene Derivatives with Simple and Extended Diarylcarbenium Ion Pools

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    The reactions of thiophene derivatives, bithiophene, and terthiophene with an electrochemically generated diarylcarbenium ion pool afforded multiple alkylation products. Extended diarylcarbenium ion pools afforded dendritic molecules by the multiple alkylation of bithophene and terthiophene

    Microflow photochemistry—a reactor comparison study using the photochemical synthesis of terebic acid as a model reaction

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    The continuous-microflow photochemical synthesis of terebic acid from maleic acid was investigated in two different microreactor set-ups. The results were subsequently compared to analogue experiments in a conventional chamber reactor. Based on conversion rates, reactor design and energy efficiency calculations, the simple microcapillary reactor showed the best overall performance