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    Unoriented geometric functors

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    Farrell and Hsiang noticed that the geometric surgery groups defined By Wall, Chapter 9, do not have the naturality Wall claims for them. They were able to fix the problem by augmenting Wall's definitions to keep track of a line bundle. The definition of geometric Wall groups involves homology with local coefficients and these also lack Wall's claimed naturality. One would hope that a geometric bordism theory involving non-orientable manifolds would enjoy the same naturality as that enjoyed by homology with local coefficients. A setting for this naturality entirely in terms of local coefficients is presented in this paper. Applying this theory to the example of non-orientable Wall groups restores much of the elegance of Wall's original approach. Furthermore, a geometric determination of the map induced by conjugation by a group element is given.Comment: 12 pages, LaTe

    Codimension one spheres which are null homotopic

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    This paper classifies embedded, codimension-one spheres which are null homotopic. This information is used to show that all null homotopic, immersed codimension-one spheres which are taut in the sense of Terng and Thorbergsson are actually distance spheres.Comment: 6 page

    Smooth Euclidean 4–spaces with few symmetries

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    An invariant of smooth 4-manifolds

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    We define a diffeomorphism invariant of smooth 4-manifolds which we can estimate for many smoothings of R^4 and other smooth 4-manifolds. Using this invariant we can show that uncountably many smoothings of R^4 support no Stein structure. (Gompf has constructed uncountably many smoothings of R^4 which do support Stein structures.) Other applications of this invariant are given.Comment: 19 pages. Published copy, also available at http://www.maths.warwick.ac.uk/gt/GTVol1/paper6.abs.htm