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    Measurement of the Ratio Gamma(KL -> pi+ pi-)/Gamma(KL -> pi e nu) and Extraction of the CP Violation Parameter |eta+-|

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    We present a measurement of the ratio of the decay rates Gamma(KL -> pi+ pi-)/Gamma(KL -> pi e nu), denoted as Gamma(K2pi)/Gamma(Ke3). The analysis is based on data taken during a dedicated run in 1999 by the NA48 experiment at the CERN SPS. Using a sample of 47000 K2pi and five million Ke3 decays, we find Gamma(K2pi)/Gamma(Ke3) = (4.835 +- 0.022(stat) +- 0.016(syst)) x 10^-3. From this we derive the branching ratio of the CP violating decay KL -> pi+ pi- and the CP violation parameter |eta+-|. Excluding the CP conserving direct photon emission component KL -> pi+ pi- gamma, we obtain the results BR(KL -> pi+ pi-) = (1.941 +- 0.019) x 10^-3 and |eta+-| = (2.223 +- 0.012) x 10^-3.Comment: 20 pages, 7 figures, accepted by Phys. Lett.

    Measurement of the branching ratios of the decays Xi0 --> Sigma+ e- nubar and anti-Xi0 --> anti-Sigma+ e+ nu

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    From 56 days of data taking in 2002, the NA48/1 experiment observed 6316 Xi0 --> Sigma+ e- nubar candidates (with the subsequent Sigma+ --> p pi0 decay) and 555 anti-Xi0 --> anti-Sigma+ e+ nu candidates with background contamination of 215+-44 and 136+-8 events, respectively. From these samples, the branching ratios BR(Xi0 --> Sigma+ e- nubar)= (2.51+-0.03stat+-0.09syst)E(-4) and BR(anti-Xi0 --> anti-Sigma+ e+ nu)= (2.55+-0.14stat+-0.10syst)E(-4) were measured allowing the determination of the CKM matrix element |Vus| = 0.209+0.023-0.028. Using the Particle Data Group average for |Vus| obtained in semileptonic kaon decays, we measured the ratio g1/f1 = 1.20+-0.05 of the axial-vector to vector form factors.Comment: 16 pages, 11 figures Submitted to Phys.Lett.
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