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    On the Confidence Interval for the parameter of Poisson Distribution

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    The possibility of construction of continuous analogue of Poisson distribution with the search of bounds of confidence intervals for parameter of Poisson distribution is discussed. Also, in the article is shown that the true value of a parameter of Poisson distribution for the observed value x^\hat x has Gamma distribution with the scale parameter, which is equal to one, and the shape parameter, which is equal to x^\hat x. The results of numerical construction of confidence intervals are presented.Comment: 12 pages (1 LaTeX file), 3 eps files (figures), references to Sections are correcte

    Statistically dual distributions in statistical inference

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    The estimation of a parameter of a model by the measurement of a random variable whose distribution depends on this parameter is one of the main tasks of statistics. In this paper the notion of the statistically dual distributions is introduced. An approach, based on the properties of the statistically dual distributions, to resolve the given task is proposed

    CMS Physics Technical Design Report, Volume II: Physics Performance

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