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    Optical properties of Si/Si0.87Ge0.13 multiple quantum well wires

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    Nanometer-scale wires cut into a Si/Si0.87Ge0.13 multiple quantum well structure were fabricated and characterized by using photoluminescence and photoreflectance at temperatures between 4 and 20 K. It was found that, in addition to a low-energy broadband emission at around 0.8 eV and other features normally observable in photoluminescence measurements, fabrication process induced strain relaxation and enhanced electron-hole droplets emission together with a new feature at 1.131 eV at 4 K were observed. The latter was further identified as a transition related to impurities located at the Si/Si0.87Ge0.13 heterointerfaces

    Shock and vibration response of multistage structure

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    Study of the shock and vibration response of a multistage structure employed analytically, lumped-mass, continuous-beam, multimode, and matrix-iteration methods. The study was made on the load paths, transmissibility, and attenuation properties along a longitudinal axis of a long, slender structure with increasing degree of complexity