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    Stable branching rules for classical symmetric pairs

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    We approach the problem of obtaining branching rules from the point of view of dual reductive pairs. Specifically, we obtain a stable branching rule for each of 10 classical families of symmetric pairs. In each case, the branching multiplicities are expressed in terms of Littlewood-Richardson coefficients. Some of the formulas are classical and include, for example, Littlewood's restriction rule as a special case.Comment: 26 page

    Globalisation of Education: The Experience of the National University of Singapore

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    Globalisation has deep impacts on today’s world and in order to prepare students for the globalised world, universities have to adopt strategies to plug their students into the real world. How could universities leverage on their strengths and partners to achieve this? I will share some experiences which NUS has gone through in this aspect

    On the dual pairs (O(p,q),SL(2, ℝ)), (U(p,q),U(1,1)) and (Sp(p,q),O ∗

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