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    Spin effects in Bottomonium at Belle

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    Spin effects have a dominant role in the understanding of the dynamic of the Bottomonium system, both in the transitions and in the correlation among light hadrons being produced in their annihilation. Naively we expect a suppression of the transitions with spin flipping terms, but recent results on h transitions from i(4S) and i(5S) challenge this approach. The most recent results from Belle on this field will help to clarify the role of the spin in the modeling of the singleand two-meson transitions. Besides this the Belle collaboration is performing an extensive series of studies on baryon production in bottomonium decays, meant to address the two-baryon correlation in i(1S) annihilation and the precise measurement of hyperon inclusive production rates in e + e collision. The search for the long sought H dibaryon is part of this effort

    The Full Event Interpretation -- An exclusive tagging algorithm for the Belle II experiment

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    The Full Event Interpretation is presented: a new exclusive tagging algorithm used by the high-energy physics experiment Belle II. The experimental setup of Belle II allows the precise measurement of otherwise inaccessible BB meson decay-modes. The Full Event Interpretation algorithm enables many of these measurements. The algorithm relies on machine learning to automatically identify plausible BB meson decay chains based on the data recorded by the detector. Compared to similar algorithms employed by previous experiments, the Full Event Interpretation provides a greater efficiency, yielding a larger effective sample size usable in the measurement.Comment: 11 pages, 7 figures, 1 tabl

    A Roadmap for HEP Software and Computing R&D for the 2020s

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    Particle physics has an ambitious and broad experimental programme for the coming decades. This programme requires large investments in detector hardware, either to build new facilities and experiments, or to upgrade existing ones. Similarly, it requires commensurate investment in the R&D of software to acquire, manage, process, and analyse the shear amounts of data to be recorded. In planning for the HL-LHC in particular, it is critical that all of the collaborating stakeholders agree on the software goals and priorities, and that the efforts complement each other. In this spirit, this white paper describes the R&D activities required to prepare for this software upgrade.Peer reviewe

    Juxtaposing BTE and ATE ‚Äď on the role of the European insurance industry in funding civil litigation

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    One of the ways in which legal services are financed, and indeed shaped, is through private insurance arrangement. Two contrasting types of legal expenses insurance contracts (LEI) seem to dominate in Europe: before the event (BTE) and after the event (ATE) legal expenses insurance. Notwithstanding institutional differences between different legal systems, BTE and ATE insurance arrangements may be instrumental if government policy is geared towards strengthening a market-oriented system of financing access to justice for individuals and business. At the same time, emphasizing the role of a private industry as a keeper of the gates to justice raises issues of accountability and transparency, not readily reconcilable with demands of competition. Moreover, multiple actors (clients, lawyers, courts, insurers) are involved, causing behavioural dynamics which are not easily predicted or influenced. Against this background, this paper looks into BTE and ATE arrangements by analysing the particularities of BTE and ATE arrangements currently available in some European jurisdictions and by painting a picture of their respective markets and legal contexts. This allows for some reflection on the performance of BTE and ATE providers as both financiers and keepers. Two issues emerge from the analysis that are worthy of some further reflection. Firstly, there is the problematic long-term sustainability of some ATE products. Secondly, the challenges faced by policymakers that would like to nudge consumers into voluntarily taking out BTE LEI

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