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    Completeness and Legal Implications of Patient Medical Records at Hajj Regional General Hospital of Makassar

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    Information on a patient’s health development can be obtained if the data contained in the medical record are filled out completely, accurately and consistently. This study aimed to analyze the completeness of medical records and the legal aspect of the use of medical records in health services. This research was carried out at Hajj General Hospital of Makassar. The study was conducted retrospectively with a qualitative approach through in-depth interviews, observation of medical record files and document review, as well as with a quantitative approach, from October to December 2020. 258 medical record files were reviewed, and informants included five implementing medical personnel and 10 implementing nurses, who were interviewed to examine opinions about the completeness and legality of ownership of medical record files. The results showed that there were still incomplete medical record files, and most medical record items were not filled out completely and consistently, which has legal implications in terms of the file owner and the contents of the medical record. For this reason, open communication is sought between all health workers. Keywords: completeness, legality, medical recor

    Analysis of the Management Information System Application Related with Service Data at Hajj Regional General Hospital of Makassar

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    This study analyzes the information system at the Hajj Regional General Hospital of Makassar as a service that is needed for both professional health workers and the served community. The information is about service achievement targets, managerial strategic planning, efficiency and effectiveness of health services.This study aims to obtain information service data that will be utilized by a Management Information System (MIS) which includes computerization needs, information personnel, usage of computers and information system support. The research design is a descriptive survey which was conducted from July to August 2019 and data collection was performed by using questionnaires, observation and document review. The results of the study from 50 respondents showed that 29 respondents (58%) filled in basic data as service data information was very high and very complete (79.87%.) Application of the hospital MIS based on the need for computerization and MIS personnel is very high, which are 88.87% and 89.96%. MIS has a great position and is more important in the hospital business industry due to service information is an indication of health service standards. Hospital MIS is an information system that performs all transaction management therefore information management has results in decision making by providing an indicator for the appearance of health services.One of its functions is to handle the recording of service costs, both for action and medication starting from outpatient care until the patient is discharged from the hospital. This research focuses on inpatient service data information that will be used as MIS, which includes computerization needs, information personnel, and the usage of computers and supporting information systems. Our study revealed that the application of MIS at Hajj Regional General Hospital of Makassar must be supported by the media of communication devices, application programs and human resources who have the profession in information systems and advice, the leadership and administrators that will improve the efforts of MIS which can be handled professionally to create an orderly administration, management and advance the quality of health services.   Keywords: Information Systems, Management, Service Dat

    The Effect of Brisk Walking on Blood Pressure in Hypertension Patients: A Literature Review

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    Hypertension is a condition caused by disruption in the bloodstream which can make it more difficult for oxygen and food substances (nutrients) from the blood to be delivered to the tissues in need. Hypertension is also known as a silent disease, which can lead to more dangerous and life-threatening complications. As a chronic condition, hypertension requires proper treatment not only pharmacologically but non-pharmacologically. One alternative in improving the circulatory system in the body is brisk walking exercise. The aim of this literature review was to find out the effect of brisk walking on blood pressure in hypertension patients. 10 articles were included, which were found from searching through three databases, namely Google Scholar, PubMed and Science Direct, for experimental studies published from 2017 to 2020. According to the results, brisk walking can control blood pressure from an average of 150 and diastolic measurements of 100 mmHg to an average of 140 and 80 mmHg, respectively, with significant average values from the 10 articles. Brisk walking can reduce blood pressure in hypertension patients when carried out three times a week in the morning, with a duration of 30-45 minutes, for at least three months (regularly). Keywords: hypertension, brisk walking exercise, blood pressur

    Penilaian Task Technology Fit Terhadap Aktifitas Pelayanan Melalui Pemanfaatan Aplikasi di Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat DR. Tajuddin Chalid Kota Makassar

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    Pemanfaatan Aplikasi dalam aktifitas pelayanan pasien sangat penting dan dibutuhkan dalam era industri Kesehatan melalui pengembangan Tehnologi Informasi Kesehatan sehingga minat tenaga Profesional Pemberi Asuhan sangat tinggi terhadap pemanfaatan Aplikasi (Utilisation). Tujuan mengetahui penilaian Task Technology Fit terhadap aktifitas pelayanan melului pemanfaatan aplikasi. Secara khusus untuk mengetahui hubungan antara tugas, tehnologi dan tenaga yang akan memberikan keberhasilan terhadap aktifitas pelayanan (Ablity Impact) pasien melalui pemanfaatan aplikasi (Utilization). Metode rancangan penelitian kuantitatif dengan populasi tenaga professional pemberi asuhan sebanyak 256, pengumpulan data dengan kuisioner dan observasi pemanfaatan aplikasi, analisis dengan uji validitas dan realibilitas melalui aplikasi dan penyajian data dalam bentuk distribusi tabel sehingga mempermudah dalam membuat kesimpulan. Hasil ada 6 (enam) penilaian: 1) Penilaian unsur Task, 2) Penilaian unsur Technology, 3) Penilaian unsur Fit, 4) Utilization dengan Ability Impact. 5) Task Technology Fit dengan Utilization, 6) Task Technology Fit dengan Ability Impact. Luaran yang dicapai Penilaian Task Element, Technology Element, Fit Element mendapatkan penilaian signifikan pada variasi keterampilan, tugas, otonomi, umpan balik pekerjaan dengan penggunaan aplikasi jaringan komputer secara visual, aural, read/write dan kinesthetic. Penilaian Task Technologi Fit terhadap aktifitas pelayanan dalam pemanfaatan aplikasi memiliki persepsi ketergantungan dengan mengetahui dan melaksanakan pekerjaannya. Hasil penelitian ini membuktikan bahwa Task Technology Fit bernilai positif terhadap pemanfaatan aplikasi. Pemanfaatan aplikasi memediasi Penilaian Task Technology Fit terhadap aktifitas pelayanan. Juga unsur tenaga bernilai terhadap Task Technology Fit dalam meningkatkan aktifitas pelayanan. Kesimpulan unsur Task, Technology, Fit, Utilization. Ability Impact memberikan penigkatan pengetahuan, keterampilan dan strategi pelayanan dengan baik yang mampu memberikan kemudahan menerima informasi Saran penelitian selanjutnya penilaian Task Technology Fit diperluas menjadi studi perbandingan pada semua bagian dan unit pelayanan di rumah sakit