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    Unusual Phase Reversal of Superhumps in ER Ursae Majoris

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    We studied the evolution of superhumps in the peculiar SU UMa-type dwarf nova, ER UMa. Contrary to the canonical picture of the SU UMa-type superhump phenomena, the superhumps of ER UMa show an unexpected phase reversal during the very early stage (~5 d after the superoutburst maximum). We interpret that a sudden switch to so-called late superhumps occurs during the very early stage of a superoutburst. What had been believed to be (ordinary) superhumps during the superoutburst plateau of ER UMa were actually late superhumps. The implication of this discovery is briefly discussed.Comment: 4 pages, 5 figures, submitted to Publ. Astron. Soc. Japa

    Magnetic excitation in a new spin gap compound Cu2_2Sc2_2Ge4_4O13_{13}: Comparison to Cu2_2Fe2_2Ge4_4O13_{13}

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    The compound \CuScGeO is presented as a new member of the family of weakly coupled spin chain and dimer compounds \CuMGeO. Magnetic susceptibility, heat capacity, and neutron inelastic scattering measurements reveal that the compound has the same spin dimer component as \CuFeGeO. The observed narrow band excitation in bulk measurements is consistent with spin gap behavior. The energy scale of the weakly coupled dimers in the Sc compound is perfectly coincident with that in the Fe compound.Comment: 5 page

    Supersymmetric extension of Moyal algebra and its application to the matrix model

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    We construct operator representation of Moyal algebra in the presence of fermionic fields. The result is used to describe the matrix model in Moyal formalism, that treat gauge degrees of freedom and outer degrees of freedom equally.Comment: to appear in Mod.Phys.Let
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