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    Revised value of the eighth-order electron g-2

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    The contribution to the eighth-order anomalous magnetic moment (g-2) of the electron from a set of diagrams without closed lepton loops is recalculated using a new FORTRAN code generated by an automatic code generator. Comparing the contributions of individual diagrams of old and new calculations, we found an inconsistency in the old treatment of infrared subtraction terms in two diagrams. Correcting this error leads to the revised value -1.9144 (35) (alpha/pi)^4 for the eighth-order term. This theoretical change induces the shift of the inverse of the fine structure constant by -6.41180(73)x10^{-7}.Comment: 4 pages, 1 figure, typo is correcte

    Proper Eighth-Order Vacuum-Polarization Function and its Contribution to the Tenth-Order Lepton g-2

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    This paper reports the Feynman-parametric representation of the vacuum-polarization function consisting of 105 Feynman diagrams of the eighth order, and its contribution to the gauge-invariant set called Set I(i) of the tenth-order lepton anomalous magnetic moment. Numerical evaluation of this set is carried out using FORTRAN codes generated by an automatic code generation system gencodevpN developed specifically for this purpose. The contribution of diagrams containing electron loop to the electron g-2 is 0.017 47 (11) (alpha/pi)^5. The contribution of diagrams containing muon loop is 0.000 001 67 (3) (alpha/pi)^5. The contribution of tau-lepton loop is negligible at present. The sum of all these terms is 0.017 47 (11) (alpha/pi)^5. The contribution of diagrams containing electron loop to the muon g-2 is 0.087 1 (59) (alpha/pi)^5. That of tau-lepton loop is 0.000 237 (1) (alpha/pi)^5. The total contribution to a_mu, the sum of these terms and the mass-independent term, is 0.104 8 (59) (alpha/pi)^5.Comment: 48 pages, 6 figures. References are correcte

    Eighth-Order Vacuum-Polarization Function Formed by Two Light-by-Light-Scattering Diagrams and its Contribution to the Tenth-Order Electron g-2

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    We have evaluated the contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron from six tenth-order Feynman diagrams which contain eighth-order vacuum-polarization function formed by two light-by-light scattering diagrams connected by three photons. The integrals are constructed by two different methods. In the first method the subtractive counter terms are used to deal with ultraviolet (UV) singularities together with the requirement of gauge-invariance. In the second method, the Ward-Takahashi identity is applied to the light-by-light scattering amplitudes to eliminate UV singularities. Numerical evaluation confirms that the two methods are consistent with each other within their numerical uncertainties. Combining the two results statistically and adding small contribution from the muons and/or tau leptons, we obtain 0.0003999(18)(α/π)5 0.000 399 9 (18) (\alpha/\pi)^5. We also evaluated the contribution to the muon g2g-2 from the same set of diagrams and found 1.26344(14)(α/π)5 -1.263 44 (14) (\alpha/\pi)^5.Comment: 27 page

    Precise mass-dependent QED contributions to leptonic g-2 at order alpha^2 and alpha^3

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    Improved values for the two- and three-loop mass-dependent QED contributions to the anomalous magnetic moments of the electron, muon, and tau lepton are presented. The Standard Model prediction for the electron (g-2) is compared with its most precise recent measurement, providing a value of the fine-structure constant in agreement with a recently published determination. For the tau lepton, differences with previously published results are found and discussed. An updated value of the fine-structure constant is presented in "Note added after publication."Comment: 6 pages, 1 figure. v2: New determination of alpha presented (based on the recent electron g-2 measurement). v3: New formulae added in Sec.IIB. v4: Updated value of alpha presente

    Everyone Makes Mistakes - Including Feynman

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    This talk is dedicated to Alberto Sirlin in celebration of his seventieth birthday. I wish to convey my deep appreciation of his many important contributions to particle physics over 40 years and look forward to many more years of productive research.Comment: 16 pages postscript, also available through http://w4.lns.cornell.edu/public/CLN

    Electroweak Fermion-loop Contributions to the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment

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    The two-loop electroweak corrections to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon, generated by fermionic loops, are calculated. An interesting role of the top quark in the anomaly cancellation is observed. New corrections, including terms of order Gμαmt2G_\mu \alpha m_t^2, are computed and a class of diagrams previously thought to vanish are found to be important. The total fermionic correction is (23±3)×1011-(23\pm 3) \times 10^{-11} which decreases the electroweak effects on g2g-2, predicted from one-loop calculations, by 12\%. We give an updated theoretical prediction for g2g-2 of the muon.Comment: Corrected versio