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    Purpose Software System for Communication Network Operating Data

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    Data communication can be developed through the propagation of radio waves. Datacommunication via radio is able to overcome the problem of limited telecommunicationfacilities in remote areas who have limited means of communication. In general, datacommunication can be said as the process of sending data or information which have beenmodified in a certain code (convert it into electrical signals) and data is transmitted.Transmission medium can be via satellite (VSAT-Very Small apertures Terminal), telephonecable, or via radio waves (HF / VHF / UHF)

    Masjid Bagi Wanita Mentruasi (Haid)

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    This research was aimed at explaining the law perspective for women to enter mosque while having menstruation. This study employed library research. Data analysis used descriptive analysis. The findings showed that mosque as a place for worship is considered similar to Ka'bah. Syafi'I prohibits the women to enter mosque and stay inside. However, such interpretation is believed as a product of intellectual interpretation. As a result, as their nature, man can be right or wron

    Performance Optimization System for Using the World Industries Plc

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    PLC at the beginning of his birth is known as a Programmable Controller (PC), known as theproduct of a project with a view to obtaining a compact instrument that can be programmedand direprogram like computers, do not take place as well as energy-based digital technology,which can replace a relay circuit complex, rigid (hard-wired, inflexible) and takes place aswell as a large energy. Meanwhile, a series of relays in question are the backbone ofindustrial control systems and manufacturing processes. In other words, today\u27s PLC productsis actually departing from the need to run the industry to be more cheaply and efficiently