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    Probit analysis.

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    <p>The 95% probability of detecting parasitaemia as low as 10.674 parasites/mL when high volume of blood samples was applied with <i>Plasmodium</i> genus ddPCR assay.</p

    The one-dimensional (1D) ddPCR results from Bio-Rad QX100TM Droplet Reader of <i>18S rRNA Plasmodium</i> genus detection and quantification assay.

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    <p>The different amplitudes of positive droplets were observed when different PCR annealing temperatures were applied (A10: 65°C, D10: 62°C, E10: 60°C, F10: 59°C, H10: 57°C, F09: 60°C for negative control). Threshold for positive detection is 2500.</p

    The column bar graphs show <i>18S rRNA</i> copies/mL of blood obtained from single reaction ddPCR and duplex ddPCR assays.

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    <p>Mean 95% CI of <i>18S rRNA</i> of <i>P</i>. <i>falciparum</i> (5a), <i>P</i>. <i>vivax</i> (5b), <i>P</i>. <i>malariae</i> (5c) and <i>P</i>. <i>ovale</i> (5d).</p