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    Limits on the production of neutral penetrating states in a beam dump

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    We present limits on the production of neutral penetrating states produced in 28 GeV proton nucleus collisions. We obtain limits for light, heavy and unstable neutral states. For light stable states our limit [sigma]I[sigma]P-69cm4/nucleon2 is more than a factor of 5.5 better than previous limits. Time of flight techniques are used to study heavy states. We have poor sensitivity to short-lived states.Peer Reviewedhttp://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/24349/1/0000616.pd

    Neutrino astrophysics with IMB: past, present, and future

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    A burst of eight neutrino interactions occurring over a six second interval had been observed with the IMB detector. The closeness in time of the burst to the optical discovery of Supernova 1987a suggests that the neutrinos originated from stellar collapse. The characteristics of the burst are reviewed together with a recently completed reevaluation of many aspects of the detector's response. Efforts underway to discover past and future supernovae are also briefly discussed.Peer Reviewedhttp://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/27392/1/0000423.pd

    Experimental limits on nucleon decay and őĒB=2 processes

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    Results from the IMB collabration to detect possible proton decay in a salt mine near Cleveland, Ohio are presented. Detection apparatus is described.(AIP)Peer Reviewedhttp://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/87900/2/1_1.pd

    Search for Nucleon Decays induced by GUT Magnetic Monopoles with the MACRO Experiment

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    The interaction of a Grand Unification Magnetic Monopole with a nucleon can lead to a barion-number violating process in which the nucleon decays into a lepton and one or more mesons (catalysis of nucleon decay). In this paper we report an experimental study of the effects of a catalysis process in the MACRO detector. Using a dedicated analysis we obtain new magnetic monopole (MM) flux upper limits at the level of ‚ąľ3‚čÖ10‚ąí16cm‚ąí2s‚ąí1sr‚ąí1\sim 3\cdot 10^{-16} cm^{-2} s^{-1} sr^{-1} for 1.1‚čÖ10‚ąí4‚ȧ‚ą£ő≤‚ą£‚ȧ5‚čÖ10‚ąí31.1\cdot 10^{-4} \le |\beta| \le 5\cdot 10^{-3}, based on the search for catalysis events in the MACRO data. We also analyze the dependence of the MM flux limit on the catalysis cross section.Comment: 12 pages, Latex, 10 figures and 2 Table
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