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    Pengaruh Diferensiasi Upah Antar Propinsi Terhadap Kesempatan Kerja

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    This research aims to examine the effect of wages differentiation on employments. The policies of wages differentiation are observed from minimum sector wages which is still done in some provinces. The differentiation itself is aimed to exhaust the customer's surplus. The research shows that the more wages differentiation the more employments will be offer¬ed. But, unfortunately some provinces still set high minimum sector wages. This case will cause negative effect on empowerment, and on the other hand in limited formal manufactur¬ing in¬dustries will reduce the gap of distribution of value added between the employers and the workers

    Studi Deformasi Waduk Pendidikan Diponegoro Tahun 2016

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    According to SNI No. 1731-1989 dam is any artificial barrier, urugan type or any other type that can hold or store water both natural and artificial. In addition to benefits are very much dams also have a high risk because has the potential danger of collapse that could result in the loss of life and material losses, therefore it needs to be observed deformation to determine the condition of the dam.In this research will be observation of the deformation of Pendidikan Diponegoro dam, with GPS (Global Positioning System) observation methods will be observed of 9 monitoring points deformation (bench mark) spread around the body of the dam, the GPS observed data will be processing using scientific software GAMIT 10.6, deformation monitoring points were also observed changes in distance and height from the control points are placed outside the body of the dam, deformation observations carried out from April to June 2016, with twice the period of observation.The results of GPS observations during the observation period showed deformation monitoring points change the coordinate value with ranging from 0.06 cm to 1.4 cm for the X axis, 0.03 cm to 1.9 cm for the Y axis, and 0.4 cm to 1.3 cm for the Z axis. Distance and height changes based on total station and waterpass measurement during the observation period ranging from 0.09 mm to 1.7 mm and 0.15 mm to 1.8 mm. From the result of the dam deformation observation by GPS observation methods, total station, and waterpass shows deformation of the deformation monitoring points during the observation period, but based on the statistical test with 95% confidence level showed that there is no deformation of all the deformation monitoring points

    Studi Registrasi Point Cloud Pada Pemrosesan Data Terrestrial Laser Scanner (Tls) (Studi Kasus : Jembatan Gading Batavia, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara)

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    In measurement method by using Terestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) technology, registration process hugely affected in determining the quality of geometry model and the accuracy of data produced. If once the registration is good, the geometry shape and measurement dimension of an object observed will reflect the real condition and also data accuracy will pass tolerance accuracy that has been determined.In this research, Terrestrial Laser Scanner measurement method used for scrutinizing of Gading Batavia Bridge located on Gading Batavia street, Kelapa Gading, East Jakarta. Acquisition of the data processed with Leica Scan Station C10 whereas Cyclone Version 8.1 used as data processor. Acquisition of field data and data processing executed into two methods, target to target registration method and cloud to cloud registration method.This research results Gading Batavia Bridge model space for each measurement method. Both methods show different RMS score, 0.0015 m for target to target registration method and 0.009 m for cloud to cloud registration method. Examination of model space for each method executed by comparing the distance between the bridge of Electronic Total Station result. Average error term of the comparison the distance between the bridge through both methods are 0.00581m for target to target method and 0.0084 m for cloud to cloud method

    Analisis Pengukuran Bidang Tanah Menggunakan Gnss Rtk-radio Dan Rtk-ntrip Pada Stasiun Cors Undip

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    Survey and mapping of land use is a part of land registry activities in Indonesia, one of which aims to guarantee legal certainty and the protection of the rights of a holder to land parcels that are expressed in the form of the certificate. Normaly theodolite, total station are the tools used. Related on to the development and advancement of information technology and the current survey of the activities of navigation and mapping areas of land can be done by using the method of GNSS RTK (Real Time Kinematic) surveying to kinds of RTK-Radio or RTK-NTRIP.In this research is the measurement of several land parcels with an area of the field criteria using RTK GNSS RTK-Radio and RTK-NTRIP method along with the influence of the baseline length. The location of this research is in the area Mulawarman with baseline length of 1.5 km and in the Marina area with length baseline 11 km from UNDIP CORS station. Then the measurement results calculated value linear error, fault distance, elevation error, vast differences, and obstruction test, meanwhile the test range only for RTK-Radio. To validate the measurement results are compared with the results of measurements by electronic total station.The results of the measurements of land using GNSS RTK-Radio method with a long baseline < 400 m and with a total area of field < 520 m2 wide accuracy obtained with a standard deviation around ± 1,986 m2 meanwhile for RTK-NTRIP with long baseline 1.5 – 11 km wide accuracy obtained with standard deviation ranges between ± 2,622 to ± 4,075 m2, to test the range of the RTK-Radio obtained the maximum range as far as 420 m, for the obstruction test with mild obstruction and medium obstruction category obtained a fix measurement solutions meanwhile for moderate to severe obstruction such as buildings and tall buildings acquired measurement solutions float and even autonomous. And the accuracy test meets the standard map production with a scale of 1: 500

    Analisis Fase Tumbuh Padi Menggunakan Algoritma Ndvi, Evi, Savi, Dan Lswi Pada Citra Landsat 8

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    Paddy (Oryza sativa, sp) is including to a group of crops food which very important and useful for the life of the Indonesian people. One of regency in Central Java with a large of paddy production is Kendal regency. In 2013, paddy production in Kendal reached 234.557 tons by 45.221 hectares harvested area .In this globalization era, to support the information for food security program, required more quantitative high rate and accuracy of agricultural resources. Remote sensing technology is one of technology that can be utilized to obtain the high rate and accuracy of information about the agricultural resources. In this case, remote sensing technology can play a role by using temporal satellite images to determine the growth stage of paddy plants by looking at the vegetation index value of the paddy plant, so it can be estimated paddy harvested area annually.Based on the description above, the research conducted to analyze the phase of paddy growth in the Kendal area using remote sensing technology, where remote sensing is a technology that is ideally used considering several advantages such as wide coverage and fast.Some of the methods that have been used for determine vegetation index are NDVI, EVI, SAVI, and LSWI. Furthermore, these methods will be used for trying to determine the phase of paddy growth. In this study will be analyzed which method that has the best model for determining the phase of paddy growth. Then concluded that the NDVI has a modeling method which better than other methods. The coefficient of determination (R2) of NDVI is 0,868 with obtained model is y = - 0,0199X2 + 0,2298X + 0,0539.According to the results of Landsat 8 satellite image processing using NDVI method and NDVI modeling that has been done to the recording image in May 2015, the estimation result of paddy harvested area on Kendal regency about 1872,655 Ha. Keywords : The phase of paddy growth, Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery, Vegetation Index, Harvested area. *) Penulis, Penanggungjawa
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