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    A superfluid gyroscope with cold atomic gases

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    A trapped Bose-Einstein condensed atomic gas containing a quantized vortex is predicted to exhibit precession after a sudden rotation of the confining potential. The equations describing the motion of the condensate are derived and the effects of superfluidity explicitly pointed out. The dependence of the precession frequency on the relevant parameters of the problem is discussed. The proposed gyroscope is well suited to explore rotational effects at the level of single quanta of circulation.Comment: 1 eps figur

    Detection of Pair-Superfluidity for bosonic mixtures in optical lattices

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    We consider a mixture of two bosonic species with tunable interspecies interaction in a periodic potential and discuss the advantages of low filling factors on the detection of the pair-superfluid phase. We show how the emergence of such a phase can be put dramatically into evidence by looking at the interference pictures and density correlations after expansion and by changing the interspecies interaction from attractive to repulsive.Comment: 4 pages, 4 figure