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    Impoverishing care

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    Variations on the Theme of Depression

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    Freud in 1917 published his classic paper on mourning and melancholia describing the essential features of melancholia (depression) as profoundly painful dejection, cessation of interest in the outside world, loss of the capacity to love, inhibition of all activity and a lowering of the self-regarding feelings to a degree that culminate in a delusional expectation of punishment. Much has developed in the knowledge of depression since 1917, but even more has become known about the development of personality and its various stages as well as the psychic structures involved

    Sewing Kit

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    Kit said to herself, I will not seek him out. But if he finds me, or if I run into him, it can’t be helped. Then one day, as she was reading a magazine and waiting for the bus, he sat beside her on the bench. For a moment she didn’t see him. The morning’s coffee had not kicked in. She was reading the same sentence about the benefits of stevia over and over. Then his scent like Ivory soap and cloves or the low sound of his breathing made her look up to see him smiling at her. His lips curved until it seemed they might split, but they didn’t open. She breathed him. She was glad she was wearing her taupe jacket and neutral knee-length skirt. Drab, asexual work clothes should have been a keen defense. But then he was staring at her little ankles, his green eyes running over her tights. The tights were soft pink. Her heels were a bit higher than necessary

    Upper Range Thermal Stress Tolerance in Channel and Hybrid Catfish Strains

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    Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) have a broad distribution from Canada to Mexico, suggesting that different strains may have different thermal tolerances. In aquaculture, daily temperature maximums up to 36-40°C and fluctuations of 3-6°C occur, and may be exacerbated by future climate change. To quantify differences in thermal tolerance amongst geographically-distinct channel catfish strains and corresponding hybrid catfish (I. punctatus x [blue catfish] I. furcatus): acute critical thermal maximum (CTmax), and the effects of chronic thermal regimes on growth, survival and differential gene expression were examined. Southern channel catfish had higher CTmax than northern, and channel catfish had higher CTmax than hybrid catfish. Under chronic thermal stress, hybrid catfish had the greatest survival and most consistent growth. Further, northern channel catfish had the greatest magnitude and largest amount of upregulated gene transcripts in response to high temperatures, indicating greater thermal stress. Therefore, catfish thermal tolerance varies by geographic region and species

    The Failed State: Can it be Predicted? An Application of Random Forest for Variable Model Selection

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    Is it possible to identify the predictive characteristics for failed states using statistics? This research is an application of R1 and Random Forest2 with previously mined data3 as a means to approach this political science question

    James Hogg, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and romantic anachronism

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    Thesis (M.A.) University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2013This thesis explores the problematic nature of the term "Romanticism" as traditionally dictated by national and temporal constraints. Most scholars and literary institutions (i.e., anthologies) define Romanticism as a solely European phenomenon of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This definition, intentionally or not, serves an elitist function in assuming that only Europeans of a specific era were capable of producing texts with Romantic qualities. Further, even authors who fall into this temporal and nationalistic category are often excluded due to their social class. This thesis seeks to extend the boundaries of Romanticism through examining two authors who, despite some recent efforts at re-appropriation, had previously been excluded by Romanticism: Scotland's James Hogg (1770-1835) and Russia's Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881). Specifically, this thesis explores a defining Romantic aesthetic trait -- the Romantic Anachronism -- as it operates in both authors' uncannily similar masterworks, Hogg's The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (1824), and Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov (1880). By placing emphasis on aesthetic rather than temporal and national constraints, Romanticism may be redefined towards an inclusivity that bolsters the relevance of Romanticism for current and future scholars operating in an increasingly globalized and rapidly diversifying world.Introduction: The problem with Romanticism -- Chapter 1: James Hogg's characters as definition-resistant romantic subjects -- Chapter 2: Dostoevsky's "paradoxalist": Romantic Anachronism and Ivan Karamazov -- Conclusion -- Works cited
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