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    Surface conforming thermal/pressure seal

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    An assembly is disclosed for sealing a variable gap between the surface of element and a second element in movable relation to it. A seal housing is attached to the second element for movement therewith and has a sealing surface. At least one elongated seal member carried by the housing has first and second conjugate sealing surfaces. The first sealing surface is for rubbing and sealing engagement with the first element surface and the second sealing surface is for sliding and sealing engagement with the housing sealing surface. A biasing assembly may be carried by the housing for biasing the first and second conjugate sealing surfaces of the sealing member toward sealing engagement with the first element surface and housing sealing surface, respectively

    Fluormetric assay for nuclease activity

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    Cytochemical studies of planetary microorganisms - deoxyribonuclease /dnase/ assay, fluorescein reactions, and enzyme activit

    Combinatorics of rational functions and Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt expansions of the canonical U(n-)-valued differential form

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    We study the canonical U(n-)-valued differential form, whose projections to different Kac-Moody algebras are key ingredients of the hypergeometric integral solutions of KZ-type differential equations and Bethe ansatz constructions. We explicitly determine the coefficients of the projections in the simple Lie albegras A_r, B_r, C_r, D_r in a conviniently chosen Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt basis. As a byproduct we obtain results on the combinatorics of rational functions, namely non-trivial identities are proved between certain rational functions with partial symmetries.Comment: More typos correcte

    Playing it safe? a study of the regulation of outdoor play for children and young people in residential care

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    The aim of the research was to describe and explain the barriers to, and opportunities for, outdoor play and recreation that exist in residential child care services. The research focussed on six residential facilities which represented a cross-section of the sector. Interviews were conducted with two young people, one manager and two basic grade staff members from each of the facilities. The findings were analysed using data display and reduction and the following key findings emerged

    Feeling Bodies in Marketing: Aesthetics, Emotions and Gender

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    Gender is deeply embedded in marketing ideology, and it continues to be a topic of concern in the marketing academy. There is little attention paid by marketers, however, to related studies in other fields on aesthetic labour and emotional labour in relation to gender issues, despite the commonalities and intersections between them. This article seeks to incorporate aesthetic labour and emotional labour into the gender and marketing discussion. It concludes by calling for greater critical awareness of gender as a dominant motif in our ideologies, discourses and practices in marketing, offering suggestions for empirical research into this important topic
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