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    On the ISS model of dynamical SUSY breaking

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    In this letter we would like to apply the superconformal index technique to give one more evidence for the theory proposed by Intriligator, Seiberg and Shenker (ISS) as being described by interacting conformal field theory in its IR fixed point.Comment: LaTex, 5 pages; minor changes, accepted for publication in Physics Letters

    Rarefied elliptic hypergeometric functions

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    Two exact evaluation formulae for multiple rarefied elliptic beta integrals related to the simplest lens space are proved. They generalize evaluations of the type I and II elliptic beta integrals attached to the root system CnC_n. In a special n=1n=1 case, the simplest p→0p\to 0 limit is shown to lead to a new class of qq-hypergeometric identities. Symmetries of a rarefied elliptic analogue of the Euler-Gauss hypergeometric function are described and the respective generalization of the hypergeometric equation is constructed. Some extensions of the latter function to CnC_n and AnA_n root systems and corresponding symmetry transformations are considered. An application of the rarefied type II CnC_n elliptic hypergeometric function to some eigenvalue problems is briefly discussed.Comment: 41 pp., corrected numeration of formula

    Deformed Conformal and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics

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    Within the standard quantum mechanics a q-deformation of the simplest N=2 supersymmetry algebra is suggested. Resulting physical systems do not have conserved charges and degeneracies in the spectra. Instead, superpartner Hamiltonians are q-isospectral, i.e. the spectrum of one can be obtained from another by the q^2-factor scaling. A special class of the self-similar potentials is shown to obey the dynamical conformal symmetry algebra su_q(1,1). These potentials exhibit exponential spectra and corresponding raising and lowering operators satisfy the q-deformed harmonic oscillator algebra of Biedenharn and Macfarlane.Comment: 11 page
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