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    Covariant Phase Space Formulations of Superparticles and Supersymmetric WZW Models

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    We present new covariant phase space formulations of superparticles moving on a group manifold, deriving the fundamental Poisson brackets and current algebras. We show how these formulations naturally generalise to the supersymmetric Wess-Zumino-Witten models.Comment: 15pp., LaTe

    Hamiltonian Reduction and Supersymmetric Toda Models

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    New formulations of the solutions of N=1 and N=2 super Toda field theory are introduced, using Hamiltonian Reduction of the N=1 and N=2 super WZNW Models to the super Toda Models. These parameterisations are then used to present the Hamiltonian formulations of the super Toda theories on the spaces of solutions.Comment: 15pp., LaTe

    The Solutions of Affine and Conformal Affine Toda Field Theories

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    We give new formulations of the solutions of the field equations of the affine Toda and conformal affine Toda theories on a cylinder and two-dimensional Minkowski space-time. These solutions are parameterised in terms of initial data and the resulting covariant phase spaces are diffeomorphic to the Hamiltonian ones. We derive the fundamental Poisson brackets of the parameters of the solutions and give the general static solutions for the affine theory.Comment: 11pp, phyzz

    Branes at angles and calibrated geometry

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    In a recent paper, Ohta and Townsend studied the conditions which must be satisfied for a configuration of two intersecting M5-branes at angles to be supersymmetric. In this paper we extend this result to any number of M5-branes or any number of M2-branes. This is accomplished by interpreting their results in terms of calibrated geometry, which is of independent interest.Comment: 16 pages, LaTeX2e (Minor correction in next to last paragraph of section 5.2
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