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    Perspectives on Human Nature and Their Implications for Business Organizations

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    Employing psychological principles to reform the structure and agendas of business organizations increases employee fulfillment. This Essay proposes changes in corporate structure in order to nurture employee\u27s mental health in a way that also benefits companies by resulting in greater employee productivity. This Essay argues that the decentralization of business organizations and greater employee involvement in decision-making will improve both quality of life and the environment

    A new look at the problem of gauge invariance in quantum field theory

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    Quantum field theory is assumed to be gauge invariant. However it is well known that when certain quantities are calculated using perturbation theory the results are not gauge invariant. The non-gauge invariant terms have to be removed in order to obtain a physically correct result. In this paper we will examine this problem and determine why a theory that is supposed to be gauge invariant produces non-gauge invariant results.Comment: Accepted by Physica Scripta. 27 page

    Ultrastructural alteration of mouse lung by prolonged exposure to mixtures of helium and oxygen

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    Observed changes consist mainly of blebbing of capillary endothelium and alveolar epithelium, which is quite possibly indicative of cellular edema; also, there can be observed highly-convoluted basement membrane, alveolar debris, and increased numbers of platelets

    Assessment of existing and new Animal Health Knowledge Centres

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