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    Monitor assures availability and quality of communication channels

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    System monitors a communication channel for proper circuit parameters and energizes an alarm if these parameters do not fall within allowable limits. It comprises a monitor-signal transmitter at the transmitting end of the channel and a monitor-signal receiver at the receiving end

    Stability and response of the CMG-controlled flexible Skylab

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    Stability and response of control moment gyroscope controlled flexible Skylab to continuous random excitatio

    A mathematical model for simulation of the Apollo telescope mount pointing control system

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    Mathematical model and computer program for simulation of Apollo telescope mount pointing control syste

    Continuum theory of tilted chiral smectic phases

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    We demonstrate that the sequence of distorted commensurate phases observed in tilted chiral smectics is explained by the gain in electrostatic energy due to the lock-in of the unit cell to a number of layers which is the integer closest to the ratio pitch over thickness of the subjacent Sm-Cα∗^*_\alpha phase. We also explain the sign change of the helicity in the middle of the sequence by a balance between two twist sources one intrinsic and another due to the distortion of the Sm-Cα∗^*_\alpha

    WISP information display system user's manual

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    The wind shears program (WISP) supports the collection of data on magnetic tape for permanent storage or analysis. The document structure provides: (1) the hardware and software configuration required to execute the WISP system and start up procedure from a power down condition; (2) data collection task, calculations performed on the incoming data, and a description of the magnetic tape format; (3) the data display task and examples of displays obtained from execution of the real time simulation program; and (4) the raw data dump task and examples of operator actions required to obtained the desired format. The procedures outlines herein will allow continuous data collection at the expense of real time visual displays
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