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    On defining bruxism

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    In a series of recent publications, orofacial researchers have debated the question of how ‘bruxism’ should be defined for the purposes of accurate diagnosis and reliable clinical research. Following the principles of realism-based ontology, we performed an analysis of the arguments involved. This revealed that the disagreements rested primarily on inconsistent use of terms, so that issues of ontology were thus obfuscated by shortfalls in terminology. In this paper, we demonstrate how bruxism terminology can be improved by paying attention to the relationships between (1) particulars and types, and (2) continuants and occurrents

    Time series analysis with missing data Semiannual status report, 1 Jun. - 30 Nov. 1969

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    Parameters of multivariate normal distribution for time series analysis with missing dat

    Rocket having barium release system to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere

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    A chemical system for releasing a good yield of free barium atoms and barium ions to create ion clouds in the upper atmosphere and interplanetary space for the study of the geophysical properties of the medium is presented
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