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    Covariant formulation of non-Abelian gauge theories without anticommuting variables

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    A manifestly Lorentz invariant effective action for Yang-Mills theory depending only on commuting fields is constructed. This action posesses a bosonic symmetry, which plays a role analogous to the BRST symmetry in the standard formalism.Comment: 8 pages, Late

    A local gauge invariant infrared regularization of the Yang-Mills theory

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    A local gauge invariant infrared regularization for the Yang-Mills theory is constructed on the basis of a higher derivative formulation of the model.Comment: 7 page

    Hierarchy of massive gauge fields

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    An explicitely gauge invariant polynomial action for massive gauge fields is proposed. For different values of parameters it describes massive Yang-Mills field, the Higgs-Kibble model, the model with spontaneously broken symmetry and two scalar mesons.Comment: 8 pages, no figure

    Linear logic with idempotent exponential modalities: a note

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    In this note we discuss a variant of linear logic with idempotent exponential modalities. We propose a sequent calculus system and discuss its semantics. We also give a concrete relational model for this calculus

    Lattice QCD with Exponentially Small Chirality Breaking

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    A new multifermion formulation of lattice QCD is proposed. The model is free of spectrum doubling and preserves all nonanomalous chiral symmetries up to exponentially small corrections. It is argued that a small number of fermion fields may provide a good approximation making computer simulations feasible.Comment: 14 pages, no figures; typos correcte

    A practical gauge invariant regularization of the SO(10) grand unified model

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    It is shown that a simple modification of the dimensional regularization allows to compute in a consistent and gauge invariant way any diagram with less than four loops in the SO(10) unified model. The method applies also to the Standard Model generated by the symmetry breaking SO(10)→SU(3)×SU(2)×U(1)SO(10) \to SU(3)\times SU(2)\times U(1). A gauge invariant regularization for arbitrary diagram is also described.Comment: 10 pages, uses linedraw.st
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